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What are good movies that are based around dialogue? For example Clerks is a dialogue movie.?

The movies dont need to be similar to Clerks, but that is an example of a dialogue movie.

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    If you liked Clerks, try The Tao Of Steve. If you're in the UK, don't be put off by the DVD cover (which makes it look like a Cheesy Sex Comedy - it isn't!) I know you said it doesn't need to be similar to Clerks - but, if you liked that, I think you'll like this!

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    Before Sunrise

    Before Sunset

    Anything that started as a play like A Few Good Men, Deathtrap, Barefoot in the Park, etc.

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    Phonebooth - definitely a movie based around dialogue. Basically filmed in one location, yet still manages to be an exciting movie thanks to the dialogue.

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    My Dinner with Andre

    Arsenic and Old Lace

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