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Survey says that only 1 out of every 20 teenagers know what the word "Emo" means. Are you one of them?

What do you think the word "Emo" means? It's a project I'm doing. First one to get the correct answer gets the 10 points.

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    Emo is short for Emotive hardcore!

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    The music:

    It's basically punk rock, except the lyrics are about emotional things rather than being a rebel. Emo is a kind of rock music which describes several independent types of music with common similar roots. Mid-tempo hardcore punk, pioneered around roughly '85 by the D.C. band Rites of Spring. It's in no relation to the pseudo-emocore/mall punk of today. Google REVOLUTION SUMMER/MID-WEST EMO for more information on the legitimate genre.

    The People:

    It is a label people give themselves for being apathetic and emotional to an extreme (usually miserable), but wallowing in it and not wanting it to change. They tend to feel they are misunderstood and that life is not fair to them in specific. It is in fashion with some of the group to cut themselves and wear heavy eye make-up. The hair cuts tend to have awkward sharp angles and are often glossed. Many of the guys wear very tight jeans, often women's. The girls tend to lean more towards late 70's to early 80's fashion

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    "Emo" is a specific genre/style of music.

    Typically characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive,confessional lyrics.(often)

    It originated in the mid-1980s

    "Emo" is also short for "emotional"

    "Emo" is recently used common in the english language of today.

    "Emo" has also become a style of specific clothing,And/or a label.


    That's all that I feel like typing,and that's the easiest way I can explain it without it getting too complicated.

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    whoa it seems like 1 out of every 20 teens Dont know what Emo means

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    um its like a style of rock i think and like people use it as an adjective like that kids emo as in hes gothic and stuff yeah emos not cool anymore its all about scene now

  • It's a teen girl, around 13, who "LuVz!!!1" Fall Out Boy, gives herself sh*tty haircuts, wears tight jeans, Fall Out Boy T-shirts, and Converse. She plans on marrying Pete Wentz, and tYpeZ LyKe DiZZ!111

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    Yeah. 80's DC Hardcore.

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