****Whate race do GEORGIAN people belong to***?

well if you are georgian or armenian and you go to other country, it is very hard for people to believe that you are white, everyone thinks either you are hispanic or mix so i was wondering what is the name of the race georgians.armenian are?

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    Originally, Georgians "Kartvelians" are nomadic Caucasian people. Both Armenian and Georgian people have been around for millenniums in to the history and they are original white, Caucasian people.

    According to Scientology, Caucasus (Region where Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan is settled) can quiet possibly be the born-place for "White" Indo-European race "Homo georgicus", which lived roughly 1.8 million years ago in Georgia "dmanisi", is the earliest hominid to have been discovered in Europe.

    Here is what German scientist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach wrote about Georgians:

    "Caucasian variety - I have taken the name of this variety from Mount Caucasus, both because its neighborhood, and especially its southern slope, produces the most beautiful race of men, I mean the Georgian; and because all physiological reasons converge to this, that in that region, if anywhere, it seems we ought with the greatest probability to place the autochthones (birth place) of mankind."

    According to christian bible, Georgians, Armenians and all Slav people (Russians, Ukrainians) are all descendants of same offspring "Meshech"

    This is what Alexandre Diuma wrote about Gerogians:

    ”They are fiery, proud and fierce and the other people have great admiration for them. And the men are triumphant with the women of Europe.They are a people of poetry, of music and dancing, and, according to tradition, great lovers.”

    However Georgia has been part of Roman, Byzantium, persian, Mongol, Ottoman and Russian empires in hsitory so each time they're original face was changed. That is why people call Georgians and Armenians - "ethnically confused people" xD I've been in Georgia; if you go to Georgia you will meet all kind of mixed white ethnic gpeople. Those who look Slavic, eastern European, Western European and Middle Eastern. But there are no black Georgians though:))))

    But new born generation of Georgians (I mean born after 2005) look like true western Europeans. Which may sound kind of weird but it is reality...!

    Source(s): Books, wikipedia, university and personal experience...
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    Why the god's sake people always mention armenians when it comes to my race. Im Georgian and live in nyc, I know more than 100 georgians here and first of all, neither of them look like armenian; and when ure meantioning georgians there is no connection to armenians with blood traditions or any other characteristics whatsoever. and second I've never heard of anyone mistaken me to hispanic armenian or any race except albenian or italian. So before anyfuckingone starts deciding what race am i and my people first go meet some Georgian guy or girl ask them if he/she is truly georgian (cuz i know many ppl here, were born in georgia and just saying they're georgians) and after type your stupid theories.

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    I find it very strange that you are asking here about Georgian race, and especially that you are talking about Georgian and Armenian people as one unite, or similar group. Georgians and Armenians do not have any ties whatsoever. So you should be a bit more concrete here. I am uploading a photo of an ordinary Georgian couple here and you can have a look and identify what race do they belong to. In Georgia you can find people who look Eastern European, Souther European, Western European and Middle Eastern too. But they indeed belong to White, European Race.

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    Georgian People

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    Georgians are considered white, they look kind of like southern Europeans and sometimes even central Europeans. That being said, Georgia has been conquered many times so their looks vary. I'm a Swede and I've seen some that I could easily confuse with a Northern European. Then there are some that look more like Greeks.

    Armenians are also white but tend to be on the darker side. They have a greater mix of Middle Eastern blood because millions of Armenians have historically lived outside of present-day Armenia.

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    I would say that Georgians are a mixed and exotic breed of humans. Same thing with Armenians, some look Middle Eastern, some look white and others look like a mixture of both. There have been so many ethnic groups that have taken over Georgia and so much inner-mixing that they are not what I would call purely white. Many Georgians and Armenians consider themselves white, but I bet you that that's not 100% true.

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    ****Whate race do GEORGIAN people belong to***?

    well if you are georgian or armenian and you go to other country, it is very hard for people to believe that you are white, everyone thinks either you are hispanic or mix so i was wondering what is the name of the race georgians.armenian are?

    Source(s): whate race georgian people belong to: https://tr.im/DLGfo
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    Georgian People are original people of Caucasus mountains, one must first understand how Georgian cities and nation is formed, main Georgian ancestry is in Mountains of Caucasus, people from there go in lower parts and formed cities, so even know through out

    History many nations have conquered Georgian cities at times, people in Mountains preserved their History and language and Culture.

    Georgian people are only Caucasian people who have diverse tribes with their own unique dialects and speech patterns.

    Georgian people are the original so called "white people"

    also known sons of Noah makers of wine.

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    Georgians belong to south European race, as Greeks, Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese, but 20% of Georgians have blue eyes with dark blonde hair and you can even meet red haired Georgians. However, the population in western Georgia is much whiter and lighter than in eastern Georgia. As you can see on the map that I linked down, western Georgians are lighter than Greeks, southern Italians and Spaniards. As you can see the western Georgia and the nearby territory of Turkey are colored in the same color. That s because of the Georgian people named Laz, who live in Turkey. Turkey conquered that territory and Georgia lost it.

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    I think that both georgian and armenian people belong to their own unique group. They don't come from the slavic group and are not related to each other. That's why the armenian language belongs to the indoeuropean languages as English, French, German, Greek and the slavic languages (Armenian is as far away from the slavic languages as English from Russian or Greek, though), whereas the georgian language is unique and not related to other languages.

    However, I guess that the armenian and the georgian people have been mixed to each other, as well as to slavic, turkish, persian e.t.c people over the years.

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    Georgia Country People

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