Skateboard deck question!?

I got a new skateboard deck 3 days ago. its a zero deck, and i put my old wheels and trucks on it. all ive done with it was practice my tricks for the last 3 days. today, i stood on it, and when i put pressure on the tail or nose, it started making creaky noises. ive read reviews about it on the internet, and many people say they are good, and others say they are bad and snap fast. to try to break it, i put the tail under my huge car wheel, and pulled the other side down, and it lifted the car! so i dont know if it will last me or not.

The main points:

1. it makes noises when i put pressure on nose and tail

2. it lifted a car a little

3. its ZERO Chris Cole pro model

4. i got it at ***** sporting goods



it also makes small cracking noises

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My Jamie Thomas Pro Zero Board makes the same noise. It's coming from the trucks apparently. For me it is, maybe you should double check yours. Just cuz it didn't happen with your old board doesn't mean it isn't your trucks.

    The thing I don't recommend is lifting a car with the board. It can cause stress cracks in the board. So, if it continues, you should bring it back to the Sporting Goods Store and ask about why the board is doing this. Personally, I've always ridden Zero Boards because they last long. I hope that helps. =)

  • 3 years ago

    Depends, do you wish it for form to cruise round? i say get a one with a high-quality layout Mystery is a well option, for those who wish to make use of it for skating, get a Plan B,Element,or a Baker. My opinion im a Plan B man the entire means. and for those who get one for skating decide upon efficiency earlier than layout the layout is gonna get F'd up in any case, For Trucks get a few thunders, and barrings get Bone swiss.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    one of my good friends has been skateing for 10 years and he skates zeros so they are good. and i skate plan b and they are go for plan b.

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