At what dpi do magazines usually print at? dpi vs. resolution?

Those pictures in vogue, jpg, nylon...etc. What dpi do they print at?

Also another question what is the difference between dpi and resolution? Or is dpi a unit of measuring resolution? im kinda confused hereee

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    Magazines are printed with offset printing which is different to CMYK printing, but the underlying printer file will usually be 300dpi.

    DPI is the printers resolution, as an example, if the printers resolution is 300dpi and you print a 10" X 8" picture then the printer will print a matrix of 3000 dots X 2400 dots (10" X 8"multipliedd by 300). 300dpi is the standard resolution for commercial printing, it's not a 'magic' resolution it's a compromise between speed of printing and ink usage.

    300dpi gives a pretty good print quality with normal viewing, but it is possible to alter the DPI of the printer to print a finer or coarser matrix, this is one advantage of home printing.

    If you think about it you need a higher resolution with small prints than you do with larger prints. Imagine a picture the size of a postage stamp then to include all the detail in the file the printer would need to print to a much finer matrix, it would need to print at a higher resolution.

    The confusion arises because people (some of whom should know better) insist on using DPI when they really mean PPI (pixels per inch). PPI is the resolution the computer uses when it plots the picture file to the screen or prepares the file for the printer.

    When preparing picture files for printing the photographer alters PPI to determine how big the file will print, this will vary with different file sizes (usually determined by the cameras sensor resolution) and different print sizes and has little relationship to DPI at all.

    With commercial printing DPI is fixed, the size of the dot is fixed, but on the computer PPI works by altering the size of each pixel.

    What programs such as Photoshop or similar do is match the files matrix to the printers matrix. To do that we alter the resolution used by the computer (PPI remember).

    Back to our example 10" X 8" picture, if we are having this commercially printed @300dpi the printers matrix is fixed at 3000 dots by 2400 dots.

    A file matrix of 3000 X 2400 equals a camera sensor resolution of 7.2Mp exactly, so a file from such a camera would print one pixel per dot and all the information in the file would be reproduced by the printer. Any more information say from a 10Mp camera would be dumped as you can't have two pixels in one dot.

    This is sometimes referred to as the Megapixel Myth, yes there is more detail in the file but printing at (in this case) 10" X 8" won't use it all, any extra detail will just be dumped, it would be even worse for a smaller print. Print larger or crop some of the pixels away and still leave enough pixels for a decent print are the only advantage of more Mp.


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    Resolution Magazine

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    A 300 dpi resolution is good enough to print a nice photo. When we print commercial magazines, we use a 300 dpi photo, set it up, and print at 1200 or 2400 dpi. That is what counts >>> the ouput. Also, we pre-press and output the films or DTP at 120 lpi or 133 which is more than adequate for top-notch printing. So , it you have a good scan at 300, it is acceptable. Note that 600 dpi is better. But still, when we get 600 dpi, we prepress it at 300 dpi but with increase the lpi to get good resolution. If you are printing yourself, scan at 600, and resize ti to an 8 x 10. The output will be great if printed on glossy paper even at 300 dpi. enjoy

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    This Site Might Help You.


    At what dpi do magazines usually print at? dpi vs. resolution?

    Those pictures in vogue, jpg, nylon...etc. What dpi do they print at?

    Also another question what is the difference between dpi and resolution? Or is dpi a unit of measuring resolution? im kinda confused hereee

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    Minimum Dpi For Printing

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    It is confusing.

    DPI essentially irrelevant to digital photography. DPI is a specification that is used in the actual physical printing. Dots per Inch as placed on the paper. Most digital cameras, of any resolution, only shoot at 72 DPI for example.

    Resolution is the specification that determines how detailed a print or page is going to be. The Hasselblad is capable of 50 megapixels and it is popular with the big magazines. The FF Canons are also popular.

    I am not sure what DPI they print at. A friend of mine who owns a printshop suggests that the magazines are probably printed at 300 DPI. (I don't know that for sure.)

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    Resolution is how many pixels there are. So how big the photo effecively is. DPI is when the photo is printed out (usually constrained by the printer) as in how many dots of ink thre are per inch of paper. The more the better obviously.

    No idea what DPI the magazines print at but i expect the more there are, the more expernsive it wll be to print, so probably least possible to keep quality. I suspect it will vary issue to issue of the magazine.

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    everything you always wanted to know about dpi/ppi/resolution

    just to get you started and clarify some definitions...

    ppi is NOT the same as dpi but most people confuse them and it is becoming more common to use them interchangably.

    dpi = dots per inch = print resolution

    ppi = pixels per inch = screen resolution

    megapixels = length x width (measured in pixels) and can be ANY resolution

    most professional printers want 300dpi for photos.

    most computer screens have a maximum resolution of 96ppi.

    most photos and other graphics used on the web are reduced to 72ppi which is usually not visibly noticeable but makes a big difference in megabytes moved over time, especially on web pages which have lots of graphics and lots of traffic.

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    If you scan the 5x7 at 300DPI you should be fine. A 5x7 @ 300dpi gives you a little over 3MP equivalent, and you can print good 8x10's from as little as 2MP. If you intend to print bigger later scan higher, but it's a waste of time to scan at 2400 or 4200dpi or whatever your scanner's highest res is - since a 5x7 scanned at 2400dpi would give you something like a 60MP equivalent image. The issue with scanning at higher dpi's is also that more imprefections are picked up.

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