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Good Alaskan fishing trip with my dad?

My dad has always wanted to take me and my brothers on a fishing trip to Alaska, one of the multiple day trips where you stay in a lodge. I was wondering if anyone could direct me towards a good company that does these. It can be fly fishing or normal fishing, preferably one that does both. Money is not an issue right now, I'll find a trip and then sort through the money. Thanks for any help

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    Stay in Soldotna, on the Kenai peninsula but DO NOT fish the Kenai. I have fished it twice during the "peak" king season and it is so overhyped. First of all, there are like 100 boats in a 50 yard stretch and according to DFG about 2 fish pass through their sonar fish scanners per hour. Sure the fish are giant but they aren't there in numbers. Fish the Russian River for sockeye, it's a pretty river and the fishing couldnt be easier. Fish the Kasilof river for kings, It has much better numbers of fish than the Kenai. Make sure that you take one trip down to Homer. It's about a 2 hour road trip and it offers ridiculous halibut fishing. Literally a fish a bait and they are pretty damn big.

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    What species of fish are you seeking to aim? If it fairly is Salmon/Trout then def circulate to Alaska. in case you pick to capture Pike, Walleye, Trout & Small-mouth Bass, possibly think of approximately heading to Canada. Canada has greater different Freshwater species than Alaska. And, often times, greater pristine fishing danger's! And it fairly is greater much low-priced. And it fairly is warmer. And the mosquito's are not as undesirable......(wry grin).

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    i left all my fishing mags in Cali so i don't have the exact name of the lodge but here is what to search for.

    run a goggle search for "Kenai River fishing"

    this should help you out.

    check this site out----

    i have read a lot of articles on this river and it's cool.

    my favorite was when they tossed eggs in front of the boat and let the boat side drift over the eggs and let the boat drag the eggs under and behind the boat. everyone limited out with 40+ pound chinooks

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