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"Iranians are having a Robust Debate"-Obama. What part of tear gas, beatings, deaths is "Robust" to Obama?

Just curious if he sees this through his Chicago politics sunglasses and this is just how things are settled?

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    You don't think those tactics are used against protesters in the US? Get a clue.

    Also, Obama made that quote BEFORE the violence and crackdowns escalated, but don't let the facts interfere with your talking points.

  • Jani
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    Robust: rough, rude, boisterous. Hardy.

    That is not an accurate description of what is going on in Iran. The word robust also has a positive connotation. Unlike the situation in Iran.

    But I don't agree we will invade, nor should we. This is a civil problem. Isn't this why we pay all of those dues to the UN. Let them handle the problem and use their money to interfere. That is international law which we have agreed to. Let them start earning all of the money they have extracted from the world's coffers to actual do something besides talking.

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    I wish I had a better answer to give, but the truth is, his silence on the issue is a tacit endorsement of Ahmadinijhad and the ruling Ayatollahs. Whether he likes it or not, President Obama must choose a side; the people choosing their own government, or the ruling dictatorship.

    This is not a false choice now. There is no straw man argument. His decision now will determine whether other people longing for freedom and the right to choose their own government will have the support, even if only in spirit, of the USA. Trust me, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, who celebrated her 64th birthday yesterday, and her supporters are watching as closely as their own government will allow.

  • Will
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    There WAS a Robust debate going on. The time for debate has past and now Imperialism sets in. And if it continues to take it's course and the blood shed starts. Then it is time to do something You are taking Obama's words of the past and twisting them to seem relevant today. That's like giving baseball scores from last year. Are they relevant today?What's the matter? Are things moving a little to fast for you to keep up. That was yesterday and yesterday is gone.

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  • ogles
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    this is humorous. i admire the way you employ the words "the beatings" because of the fact this is approximately what it truly is like now. save morale low and the marketplace will stick to. this is in simple terms such as you suggested, you're able to desire to understand the place of work jargon. Obama tweaks that daily, gets up on television and makes his daily doom and gloom speech. He could besides arise there and say "this isn't any longer the time to invest, save your money and in case you have money interior the marketplace, in simple terms bypass forward and pull it out and save it below your matress". Barack Millhouse Obama...the anti-captilist president.

  • Barney
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    1 decade ago

    Once enough people wake up to the nightmare Obomber is creating, I guess it will be a robust debate here as well.

  • Anonymous
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    Oh my God, as I ROTFLMAO. If nothing else, at least I get some comic relief out of the man currently occupying the White House.

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    The real question is where is the President , oops ,sorry we don't have one.

    Happy to see the Iranians , fight their Dictator, wonder how long before we do .

    If we have Brain in Office , then Biden must be Pinky !

  • ash
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    Read history and learn. We intervened in Iran int he fifties, put in the Shah. Disaster. When the Shah left the Iranians thought we were getting set to take them over yet again (we let the Shah in for medical treatment, they thought we were planning another CIA coup) so they took over our embassy. Another disaster. (I am NOT defending this, I am explaining how it was perceived in Iran)

    We really need to let other countries run their own governments; Iran is having a more robust debate than they have for a long time; their voter turnout was huge, much greater than we ever have.

    We need to butt out for a while. Sheesh!

  • L.T.M.
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    1 decade ago

    Remember Rahm's "Never let a good crisis go to waste" ? I guess they're willing to make an exception on this one.

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