What happened to being able to choose your local landline phone and DSL provider?

For example, El Monte (in LA), California, you can get AT&T home phone and DSL but not Verizon.

Didn't President Clinton sign into law something stating that you can choose what cable tv, home phone, and thus cable internet and DSL you can have? There were TONS of TV ads in the 90's about getting your local, long distance, and internet from the same company.Big names like Sprint and AT&T to SOHO outfits like Z-Tel.

In fact in New York, the power/gas company ConEd CURRENTLY advertises to it's customers to consider using another power company (usually with a picture of a smiling man holding a sign that says GO! read what you like into that one)

So even if AT&T is providing the physical wire to the home, can't you sign up with Verizon or some other company instead?

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    you can sign up with what ever CLEC or RBOC that serves your area/state... the law does allow for reselling of the RBOC lines... if ATT owns the outside lines, then the service will still be provided by ATT, but will be billed to you by your local provider who leases the lines from the RBOC....

    if verizon does not have authorization to provide service in that state, then you will not be able to get there service - also verizon is an RBOC company and not a CLEC, so they are not interested in reselling lines from another RBOC...

    the law allows you a choice, but does not force companies to offer service in all areas...

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    Your local service can only be provided by the company that services your area. You can choose any long distance company you want, and you can choose the internet provider (cable, dsl,or satellite). However, if only AT&T services your area, you can only get AT&T dsl. You can however, get cable internet if you have cable in your area.

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