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What are suggestions for Alice In Wonderland themed 17th birthday party?

Im having an Alice In Wonderland themed 17th birthday party.

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for what to do.

Im getting a slip n slide [not rlly AIW themed but im a kid at heart]

Any other ideas?

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    Cool. We're doing this for our Homecoming this year. I'm going to just paste you what we're doing and then you can go with it for your event:

    What’s been thought of is to have the entrance/ticket area/food tables be like the Mad Hatter’s tea party. We’d have black and white checkered tablecloths on the tables. On the food & drink table, label the items ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ (I found this woman who makes cotton ribbon with those printed on it that we could cut out and tag the items with, and it’s really cheap). We can stack and glue brightly colored dishes and place them as decorations on the food & drink table or just have tea pots and cups & saucers on that table. Then we could have silver, reflective strands at the entrance to the auditorium and have a sign saying 'Enter Through the Looking Glass.’ On either side of the doors we could have bushes (little trees or whatever - fake obviously) with red and white roses, as if they paused while 'painting the roses red.'

    The auditorium is where we could run with the playing cards/Queen of Hearts theme. The decorations that have been found as far as this goes include: 18’” playing cards (maybe hung on the walls, from the ceiling, or above the stage), balloons in the shape of the suits, red, white, & black balloons, red, white, & black lights, and garland in the shape of the suits. Portia has suggested that we use mirrors to incorporate the Through the Looking Glass theme, which would be awesome, so keep that in mind when it comes to any comments.

    We’ve got a cool idea for the announcements and the posters. It’d say:

    You are cordially invited to join us in Wonderland for the ---- 2009 Homecoming dance on Saturday, September 26, 2009 from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Follow the white rabbit to the ticket tables and buy your tickets in advance. Hurry up, don’t be too late or it’ll be off with your heads!

    ***You can of course edit this to your party

    As far as favors go, we can either get bead necklaces in the shapes of the suits in black & red or get round bead necklaces in black, silver, & red. The round beads are cheaper, but it’s just a matter of how much money we’re devoting to the decorations on the whole.

    I’d also like to try and incorporate the theme into the King and Queen thing, i.e. having the King’s crown be like the Mad Hatter’s top hat and the Queen’s tiara be like Alice’s headband or something. It’d just be for show since we’ve got actual crowns and tiaras, too.

    Another cool idea, maybe for your event, would be to have a glass top table and put playing cards underneath the glass. This way you could have the array of Alice in Wonderland things without them cluttering your tables.

    Put up signs that say 'This Way' and 'That Way' throughout the house. Put a sign saying 'Enter Wonderland Through the Looking Glass' at the entrance.

    You could give out awards to those that incorporate the theme the best into their dress. I've got all of the websites for these things and the prices written down, so if you're interested, contact me and I can send you the list. Everything we're getting is surprisingly inexpensive, but you won't need all of this stuff (unless you like doing things big). We're still in the works right now, so we're getting more each day. I'd love to help and maybe we could exchange ideas. :) Good luck!

    Source(s): The greatness that is the Internet as far as the actual decorations go, but what we want and where it's going is all me. :)
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  • 3 years ago

    Alice In Wonderland Themed Birthday

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  • Since getting everyone in costume can be tricky, how about providing some masquerade masks with the rabbit and odd faces from AIW on it. I think Oriental trading has them. That can really help keep the fun mood of the party. For food, I suggest going to sams and getting everything in mini form. Hope you have a great party!

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    OMG I LOVE ALICE IN WONDERLAND THEMES! For starters you could call it a Mad Tea Party or at least have a table with a sign that says Mad Tea Party. Have the table covered in wild colors and have iced tea (I usually suggest Long Island Tea for those over 21) and have difference flavor shots to put in it. At the entrance to the party have a sign that says the Rabbit Hole. Use cards for decorations (centerpeices ect) too since the Queen of Heart's guards are cards. I could go on and on...message me if you want to.

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    Decorate your Wonderland & be creative

    ~decorate with over-sized playing cards and cut-out hearts & a cut out of the caterpillar on the mushroom with a fog machine

    ~play the music from The Alice in Wonderland movie soundtrack

    ~costume contest

    ~2make mushroom treats, take large marshmallows, apply a dot of melted chocolate or icing and then place a vanilla wafer on top

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  • Ooh, fun! :)

    Set up: Throw colorful flower petals all over the yard and set up tables for however many guests you will be having. When the guests arrive, give them all a mad hat (lol). String colorful paper lanterns or little twinkly lights all over the yard. Google Disneyland merchandise-maybe you can find a stuffed Cheshire cat or a plush Alice for decoration somewhere.

    Food: Get a whimsical cake

    and have little snack bowls and tea or punch. You can put the snack items on a table somewhere and have them go and get snacks and drinks when they are hungry.

    Games: You could always play croquet, I mean, it fits the theme well, and you could create your own Mad Hats to wear, and then you have the slip 'n' slide, and you could host an Alice in Wonderland trivia contest, you could watch the Alice in Wonderland movie, too.

    Prizes/goodie bags: Stuffed Alice in Wonderland characters, little plastic tea cups or tea sets (you can find these at the dollar store or at grocery stores in the little toy aisle), a small rabbit or a watch (doesn't have to be expensive, check thrift shops or dollar stores), the original Alice in Wonderland storybook, you could also give out a copy of the DVD/movie to the winner of croquet or the trivia contest.

    Here is Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz's Wedding Cake and theme; they had like a goth Alice in Wonderland wedding:

    I hope I helped!

    A very merry birthday to you!


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    for your favors i would do either packs of playing cards or tea bags.

    you should decorate with mushrooms and have a mushroom cake. Use pictures from the original alice in wonderland book. if its hot serve iced tea , instead of hot. wear a cute blue dress & apron.

    have a scavenger hunt and create clues from the story.

    for favors & ideas check

    happy birthday!!!

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    Make sure the decorations are really really bright, and kind of trippy...

    It kind of depends on how all out you want to go...

    Red rose bushes would be awesome.

    Definitely have cupcakes:

    And the classic:

    Make sure you label the cakes 'eat me'. Put all drinks in cute spotty/stripey/bright teapots you have picked up in charity shops and tie a cardboard tag to their handles that says 'drink me'.

    A pinyata would be fun, and would fit with the quirky, trippy decorations.

    Dot the room/outdoor area with colourful helium balloons (obviously your room won't be so tacky :P)

    It would be cool if you could locate some character balloons as well - even just a cat, rabbit and a large hat... So the presence of the characters can kind of be felt :P

    If no balloons, laterns (see the website below) look fantastic. Make sure they are mismatched.

    Make placecards out of cards (hearts, preferably), by sticking white rectangles with the person's name written in red or black onto the side of the card with the numbers and symbols on it. Make sure it is all straight and nice, or it will look tacky.

    As for chairs, mismatched chairs would look cool, and of course one at the end of the table should be far grander than the rest (where you sit, of course), like this one:

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  • Lexia
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    OHHHHHHH such good fun

    my friend's sister did that for her 18th

    they have a massive estate at the back of their house so it was beautiful

    make sure everyone comes in costume first of all

    beautiful fairy tale food as well, cakes and buns and cocktail sausages

    loads of bright colours and table settings etc

    also make everyone collect their food and sit down and then do it like the mad hatter's tea party in the story

    ring a bell and make everyone move round

    my friend's sister did that and it was really good

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  • 1 decade ago

    ~Mad Hatter Tea Party.

    ~Those biscuits that make you grow and shrink.

    ~Something to do with playing cards.

    ~Croquet.. not sure how you spell it..

    ~Watch the movie. The cartoon one or the real people one. Both sorta good.

    ~Get an awesome cake with pink icing.

    ~Bribe a sibling to get covered with toilet paper and have your friends throw waterballoons at him/her.

    ~Melt a bunch of chocolate bars and have your friends guess which is which. Then eat them at the end. Melted chocolate DOES taste good.

    ~Have different food. Not stuff like party pies and sausage rolls but more like fruit kebabs, cocktail sausages on skewers, mini cupcakes or sushi etc.

    And most importantly HAVE FUN. =D

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