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阿宏 asked in 科學其他:科學 · 1 decade ago

記憶體 Cell size 大小

512Mb PRAM with 0.047um^2 (5.8F^2) cell size

我想請問 0.047um^2 怎麼換算成 (5.8F^2)

也就是 um^2 跟 F^2 是什麼關係 或是跟怎麼換算


因為我還想知道 4F^2 和 6F^2 是多少 um^2 拜託了 先跟回得者說聲謝謝了



J. H. Oh et al., IEDM Tech. Dig., pp.49-52, 2006

冰花碎裂 我需要的東西 在你的網址裡面沒有耶 而且方向不同

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  • 阿凱
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    1 decade ago
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    Full Integration of Highly Manufacturable 512Mb PRAM based on 90nm Technology

    Oh, J.H.; Park, J.H.; Lim, Y.S.; Lim, H.S.; Oh, Y.T.; Kim, J.S.; Shin, J.M.; Song, Y.J.; Ryoo, K.C.; Lim, D.W.; Park, S.S.; Kim, J.I.; Kim, J.H.; Yu, J.; Yeung, F.; Jeong, C.W.; Kong, J.H.; Kang, D.H.; Koh, G.H.; Jeong, G.T.; Jeong, H.S.; Kinam Kim

    Electron Devices Meeting, 2006. IEDM apos;06. International

    Volume , Issue , 11-13 Dec. 2006 Page(s):1 - 4

    Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/IEDM.2006.346905

    Summary:Fully functional 512Mb PRAM with 0.047mum2 (5.8F2) cell size was successfully fabricated using 90nm diode technology in which the authors developed novel process schemes such as vertical diode as cell switch, self-aligned bottom electrode contact scheme, and line-type Ge2Sb2Te5. The 512Mb PRAM showed excellent electrical properties of sufficiently large on-current and stable phase transition behavior. The reliability of the 512Mb chip was also evaluated as a write-endurance over 1E5 cycles and a data retention time over 10 years at 85degC

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  • 1 decade ago



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