Y&R questions past and present?

I can't believe Mary Jane is really Patty! Did anyone see her back in the late 70's? She was BEAUTIFUL!

Does anyone remember the very first day Nina was on the show? She was in some place, had a baby boy, it was taken from her, she watched a black car leave with her baby, she screamed for him.

Whatever happened to that!?!?!

I always thought that would come back into the show. Has it ever? Or will it soon?

Can someone explain about Cane and Phillip? Why did he fake his death?

Does anyone remember Paul's girlfriend Cindy who died?

And When Lauren was so mean to Tracy?


Hey cheetah, thanks so much for that site! It doesn't have Paul's girlfriend Cindy listed !?!!?

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    I do remember Patty and she was such a beautiful girl! I remember some of when Nina first came on the show. All I know about the Cane and Phillip thing is that Phillip must be living on the Chancellor Trust Fund money because Cane had the money Katherine gave him and Lily for their wedding present transferred into that fund. He calls Phillip on the phone but he goes by the name "Langley" now. I so remember when Lauren was mean to Tracy and that Tracy had a bit of a weight problem and Lauren used to make fun of her.

    Here is a good website that gives character profiles for all the past and present characters on Y&R. It's pretty thorough. It also has links to family trees.


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    I didn't know Patty when she was on Y&R. Yes i remember Nina having a baby and it was taken away, no more was said about it. Too bad they don't have where she wonders where he is. Cane has been on the show for awhile and Jill found out he is her son through a test, but suddenly just recently it showed Cane talking with Phillip and there hasn't been anything said as to why he is suddenly back on the show or why he faked his death and why Cane has taken over his life. Can't wait to see how that plays out. I also remember when Lauren and Tracy were young and how mean she was to her. Did you see today's episode where the casket was opened in front of Paul and Nina and it was empty? What a shocker that was for them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the story line with Nina having her baby kidnapped by Rose that evil woman Years ago they never really followed up on it I wish they would find her first born it would make a good story line Phillip faked his death and now this week it should I hope all come out don't remember Cindy and Lauren was a ***** in those days to Tracy she asked Tracy the other day for her forgiveness and they made up and I do remember Paul's sister from long ago she was sweet and innocent at the time Jack changed everything he broke her spirit!

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    great memories you got there,maybe Phillip bought nina's baby from rose deville and its cane. and who knows what reason he faked his death except he really loved cricket at the time and only married nina because she was pregnant.

    Paul was briefly involved with Nikki Newman. He also married April Stevens after she announced that she was pregnant with his baby. Eventually, April realized that Paul didn't really love her and she left town with their daughter, Heather. Eventually, Paul fell for Cindy Lake, a hooker he met while he was undercover, trying to clear his father, who was being framed as a cop on the take. Paul intended to marry Cindy, but her life was cut short when she took a bullet intended for him. Soon after, Paul found himself attracted to Lauren Fenmore, heir to the Fenmore Department Store Chain. Lauren's scheming ways, however, eventually led to the end of their marriage. But they remained close friends. remember when the crazy guy named shawn buried Lauren?



    And check out these old clips of the show.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=torz_CwzaTM

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  • ~dd~
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    1 decade ago

    yeah, Patty was very pretty. I wish the story lines will comes to a end. I guess the writers forgot we remember that Philip died in a bad car accident.

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    Patty Williams (Lilibet Stern) had no idea when she married the handsome and wealthy heir to Jabot cosmetics, Jack Abbott (then Terry Lester), that her dream would become a nightmare! Patty fell in love with Jack back in the 1980's on The Young and the Restless, but began dating Danny Romalotti (Michael Damien) when a jealous Jill (then Brenda Dickson) informed her that she and Jack were lovers!

    When Jack found out what Jill had told Patty, he fired Jill from Jabot! Soon, Patty and Danny split so she could date Jack. Her parents, Carl and Mary Williams, were not impressed, as Jack was considered a playboy.

    At this time, Jack was also carrying on with model Diane Jenkins (Alex Donnelley), who was hoping to sleep her way to a top position at Jabot. Diane fell in love with Jack and wanted to marry him, but he had other ideas. Jack decided that marrying Patty would be the one way to convince his father, John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) that he had matured and was ready to take the reins as President of Jabot! But Jack didn't stop sleeping with Diane, in fact, that's who his sister Ashley (Eileen Davidson) found him with when he was late for his wedding to Patty!

    After they were hitched, Patty became pregnant, but miscarried the child when she fell at Jabot, after catching her husband having sex with Diane in his office! Patty recovered from the loss and wanted to have another baby with Jack, but everything changed when she overheard him telling Jill that he didn't want kids - he was planning a vasectomy! Patty also learned the devastating news that Jack had only married her in order to win his place at Jabot.

    Patty and Mary

    Patty confronted Jack about everything, and was ready to kill herself in front of him! He convinced her at the last second that he was to blame, however, and so she turned the gun on him - shooting him three times! The aftermath included the drama of Carl Williams trying to discover the identity of the person who shot his son-in-law, only to learn that it was his own daughter!

    Patty plea-bargained her way out of jail time, and Jack suggested reconciliation, but Patty was done with him and their marriage. She left town, returning only once, when she briefly dated Danny again.

    Lilibet Stern and Andrea Evans were the two actresses to play Patty Williams in the eighties. Lilibet left show business and became a registered nurse, but more recently she started her own company - coaching and motivating job seekers! Andrea Evans, of course, continued acting, and has done well in the soap world, becoming very well known for roles such as Tina Lord on One Life to Live, Rebecca Crane on Passions, and Amber Moore's (Adrienne Frantz) mother, Tawny, on The Bold and the Beautiful!

    Do you think that Mary Jane Benson could be Patty Williams? Leave your thoughts for Soaps.com below! And don't forget to check out the v

    Source(s): I remember some of this and she was played by two two other actress
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    I can see you are in love with the show.........give me a kiss......xo

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