If the US has conquered racism and sexism, why the large race discrimination suit against Eli Lily?

I hear how the US is no longer racist or sexist and that's why feminism isn't needed-then why is a large lawsuit being brought against Eli Lily for paying black workers $1,000's of dollars less than their white workers, and for harassing their black workers, like this employee was:

"Former employee Cassandra Welch filed the original complaint after experiencing harassment and learning she made as much as $20,000 less than her white counterparts, according to WISH TV. Welch stated in a press release: "I had to endure years of racist comments and threats—including having a dark-colored doll with a noose around its neck left on my desk—just to remain employed."

WISH TV article "NAACP files lawsuit against Eli Lilly": http://www.wishtv.com/dpp/news/local/region_1/NAAC...

Press Release: "NAACP & Nine Class Reps File Motion for Class Certification Against Eli Lilly in Pervasive Discrimination Case--More than 100 Personal Declarations from Employees Nationwide Support Filing": http://sev.prnewswire.com/null/20090609/NY29803090...

Business Week article: "Black employees accuse Eli Lilly of discrimination": http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D98NA...

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    There may be laws but people can think whatever. You can't change that very easily.

    People break laws... No matter how bad it is.

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    Open your eyes. Discrimination might be waning at the moment but it could come back very quickly. It's still with us and might always be at least for a hundred more generations by which time the whole population of the USA should be not white, not black, but prettily brunette. Like many of us already. We are the people of the future. Pretty and brunette. Everyone else: eat your hearts out

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    The war on White folk has begun on a large scale with poverty & tyranny as a result. The nation created and founded by White settlers became such a success that all others flooded her, diluted her and now mere shadows of her former beauty remain hidden away in pockets of faded glory.

    Leftists often believe America’s greatest asset was her wealth and continue to loot it with the same socialist and communist doctrine we fled from to create America in the first place. The fact is America is great because of the liberty-based society created by those rich, White, men we call our Founding Fathers.

    American Indians’ animosity toward White folk started upon our first boat landing; when that the entire first colony was massacred by the Indians who had not yet invented the wheel. Subsequent history proves that American Indians are not native either, as DNA testing proves conclusively that they descent from the Island of Formosa (Taiwan). Countless archaeological sites of former American Indian sites now prove cannibalism was indeed widespread throughout the Americas. The oldest known bones ever found in North America, were that of Kennewick Man, found along the banks of the Columbia River, the skull was that of a Caucasian, not the Mongoloid skull of Indian descendants from Taiwan.

    Black animosity toward White folk is evident in the disproportional, Black-on-White, violent crime rate. White animosity toward Blacks started in Africa upon recognition of their brutal violence, cannibalism and willingness to barter their family members and fellow tribesmen. When Whites ran the farms of Zimbabwe, that country was a food exporter. When the Black activist, Mugabe butchered and/or deported the 7000+ White farmers upon coming to power, the population began to starve and now begs for food aid. –From guess who? (Whites)

    Blacks in America are the wealthiest Africans in the history of the world, yet even as a Black man sits in the White House, atop the RNC & NASA, Blacks still complain about racism and demand “special privilege.” -Once the “civil rights” game was played-out, the pendulum kept on swinging. Now in Mississippi’s Black dominated areas, the White vote has been found to be systematically suppressed by the Black majority. It seems equality was the farthest thing from their mind…

    Hispanic animosity toward White folk is evident with the large La Raza (The Race) membership and their willingness to march waiving the Mexican flag in the United States. The abhorrent violence in Mexico and the complete willingness of the population there to not only accept it, but to embrace it and to flaunt it offends the sensibilities of Americans and makes White folks in America question how they plan on creating a peaceful society here? -After all, the areas in the US with high Hispanic/Latino populations are infested with gang activity and diseases long cured in America like leprosy.

    Upon creating the most prosperous, peaceful, philanthropic and liberty-spreading society the world has ever known, White folks in the US could have sided with Germany in WWII. –Yet America decided to INCLUDE foreigners into our society and within twenty years of the conclusion of the war we did just that by passing the “civil rights” & “voting rights” bills in the US. –But equality was not the goal of minorities as is currently being found out, domination and oppression of White folks is the goal.

    The backlash against minority oppression and special privilege is starting to really resonate with the majority. As average Americans witness Obama and the communist (Democrats) loot the national treasury and create social programs for minorities at the expense of the majority who now realize they are little more than “rich white land-owners” to the minority who hope to tax their children of their national inheritance.

    If you are tired of political-correctness do something about it, join The Nationalist Movement. Last century ushered in the so-called “Civil Rights” era, but in the end we found out that diversity creates adversity. –And as this century, this millennium begins the era of “majority rights.” Long live majority-rule!

    The Nationalist Movement is waiting for you! The Nationalist Movement is a growing, non-profit, majority-rights organization. We believe in restoring order, by overturning pro-minority laws through peaceful, legal means. Join us today! -Let’s go “All The Way!”

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    they have not fixed anything and that is why there are still suits going on. man how silly can one be. you k nw yourself there is all sorts of discrimanation and stuff going on and complaints all the time so why ask stupid questions cause women said so. no way.

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