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What are good Vampire Books?

Ok, so I need some good reading. Novels, Short stories, even graphic novels will do. I've read the twilight series, and I've read two good short story books that were something like Barns and Nobel specials or something, and I'm going to try out the 30 days of night books. But I was wondering if anyone can help make my search for a good book shorter?

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    The Night Inside and Terrible Beauty by Nancy Baker

    Bottomfeeder by B.H. Fingerman

    Those Who Hunt the Night and Traveling with the Dead by Barbara Hambly

    After Dark by Carol Haytko

    Lord of the Dead and Slave to My Thirst by Tom Holland

    Salem's Lot by Stephen King

    Bite by Richard Laymon

    The Joe Pitt series by Charlie Huston

    Dracula Asylum by Paul Whitcover

    Let Me In by John Lindqvist

    Fiend, Wounds and Voice of the Blood by Jemiah Jefferson

    Eternal Vigilence by Gabrielle Faust

    The Paris Immortal series by Sherry Roit

    The Vampire Within series by Drew Silver

    Dracul by James Wardlaw

    Vampire Zero/99 Coffins/13 Bullets, etc. by David Wellington

    Tap, Tap by David Martin

    Bitternest by Alan Draven

    Parasite Positive by Scott Westerfeld

    Volenna by Sam Dennis

    The Strain by Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan

    None of these are romance

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    The Anne Rice are the definitive vampire books - the "Vampire Chronicles", including Interview With The Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen Of Damned and many more were basically the first books to portray vampires as having near-human emotions. I also think Anne portrayed their feelings the best - making them animal-ish, but human-ish at the same time in the way the Twilight Series just didn't totally capture. Stephenie Meyer definitely got a lot of her ideas from Anne Rice, so if you've read Twilight you should definitely check the Vampire Chronicles out!

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    Anne Rice - Vampire Chronicles starting with Interview With a Vampire

    Bram Stoker - Dracula

    Robin McKinley - Sunshine (Very good book.)

    Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - Den of Shadows series (In the Forests of the Night is the first)

    E. E. Knight - Way of the Wolf. In this book and the sequels, the "vampires" are really aliens with long tongues that pierce the throat and go into the heart, sucking out the blood.

    If you're older you can try Laurell K. Hamilton's Guilty Pleasures and sequels.

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    The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova

    The Dark-Hunter books, by Sherrilyn Kenyon

    The Queen Betsy books, by MaryJanice Davidson

    The Vampire Chronicles, by Anne Rice

    The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Books, by Laurell K. Hamilton

    The Carpathian series, by Christine Feehan

    The Mackenzie Vampire series, by Nina Bangs

    The Bloodline series, by Kate Cary

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  • The following books have vampires:

    -The House of Nights Series

    -Blue Bloods

    -Twilight Saga

    -Sookie Stackhouse Series

    -Morganville Vampire Series

    -Vampire Academy

    -Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series

    -Vampire Kisses Series

    -Vampire Chronicles Series

    (I have not read all of these, except the Twilight Saga)

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    Try the series called The House of Night by: P.C. and Kristen Cast. It's a pretty good series about vampires. If you're into graphic novels try The Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives series by: Ellen Shreiber. She also has Vampire Kisses as a bunch of novels too, so you could read those as well.

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    The Sookie Stackhouse Series..Its about 9 books...they are really really good..The HBO show True Blood is based on those books..I highly recommend it!! The author is Charlaine Harris..She also has some other good series'. A lot of store hold them...I got all mine from Barnes and Noble

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    Read the Vampire Academy series! They are so much better than Twilight. Sure, Twilight is ok, but VA is way better. The love plot and plot in general blows Twilight's out of the water. But, that is just my own personal opion.

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    The Twilight Saga is amazing. Not many people read Dracula anymore, maybe you should try that?

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