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teaching a goldfish tricks?

i was looking into teaching my goldfish tricks and don't say its a waist of time or not possible because plenty of people do it. i have a ton of questions and i wanted to know all i need to know before i go buying everything.

how big of a tank should i have?

what kind of fish are best to teach tricks?

about how long will the trick teaching take?

what are all the kinds of tricks can i teach him?

how many fish can i have in the tank(1-5)?

please help me out! answers and links to wed sites would be great!! thanks for anyone who helps!

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    The only people I know of teaching a fish anything were the Mythbusters. And their's was more of an intelligence question, instead of actual training. Adam and Jaimie each had a tank divided into partitions with an opening; the goal was to see if they would figure out that in order to get fed, they had to navigate a maze.

    Found a couple of links that might help.

    ETA: I'd get the largest tank you can afford, and stick with one (two at the absolute most) fish.

    This sounds like fun, and would be an incentive for any one who wants a pet but think fish are boring to rescue a feeder goldfish.

    Do me a favor - email me if you do start training fish, and let me know how it goes.

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    one trick is waving the food infront of the fish and then feeding them every time you feed them (every night). Soon the fish will learn that when you wave the food infront it means they'll get fed and they'll swim to the top. (ive done it)

    also some fish follow you when you move. like you move ur head side to side across the tank and theyll follow it (my turtle does it and i did it w/ a lion @ the zoo)

    good luck and tell me if ur fish learn any tricks!

    also goldfish dont need a large tank but they MUST have filters. ive had 2 fish at one time but i know u can go higher it all depends on how big the tank is

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    I seriously think you would be much happier with a dog. I have both a dog and fish. The dog is WAY better at learning tricks and the fish are much quieter. So I keep them both ;-).

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