Should I re-burn DVDs because of permanent marker use?

Over several months, I burned hundreds of hours of camcorder video onto DVDs and then labeled all of those DVDs with a typical Sharpie permanent marker -- a few months later, I began seeing artifacts and glitches on many of the discs. Are these glitches the result of permanent marker ink, and if so, would I need to re-burn all of the DVDs? (Which would be time-consuming since they were write-once discs)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I use sharpies all the time on the label area. (Some blanks have special areas for writing, others let you write anywhere).

    You dont stack them back on a spindle do you?

    Do you have an early file that you can do a MD5 or CRC checksum on the original file and the DVD copy? This will tell you if the data on the disk is going bad vs you were having some transport or display artifacts.

    Big hint: Get a utility to do a checksum or MD5 and on each disk - create a small file that has the Disk volume name, file name, size and checksum.

    Years later you can pop the disk in a computer, re-compute the checksum and compare to the file on the disk to tell you if something is going bad.

    You can also copy the checksum files to your local hard drive and this gives you an automatic 'catalog' of your files and what disk contains each one.

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