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Obama versus Fox News?

Anyone who has intelligence and follows the news with an open mind can see that no one covers news about Obama more fairly than Fox News. Fox News does not give Obama a free pass like the other networks. They want him to give responsible answers for his decisions and actions. The same as any other person.

Yet Obama is trying to portray them as the enemy. As time will prove, Fox News is no honest person's enemy.

Most of the people I know who say they don't like Fox News always follow up with they don't watch Fox News. They get their information about Fox from other sources. The scary part is many of these people are the ones with a so called formal advanced degree education.

Can't anyone see that Obama needs to have people believe that he has an enemy (where none exist) to blame when his policies fail.

I.E. He said we could expect as high as 8% unemployment as his plan goes to work. So far we are 9.4% and climbing.

I can site many others but you already know these.

Look Obama is just looking for an escape goat so he can blind side the public (as he did in the election). With him, he will never take responsibility for anything that goes on. I don't know what to tell you guys to make you wake up and smell the Sham Wow.

FOX News people like Bill O’Reilly and Hannity will tell you they are not newscasters but are commentaries of the news. They are also required (by Fox News) to back up their statements with facts. Just last week Bill O’Reilly got a story wrong (a minor issue of giving not credit to the correct party) and he apologized for it on the air 3 times (all in prime time) and he corrected his statements.

Do you believe Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow would apologize for any of the many misleading stories they present. You know they would not.

For the last 3 years, Fox News has had an open challenge to any body. That is to take any 3 consecutive days and show that the representation less than a 50 / 50 balance of the issues. To date no one has taken them up on it. The challenge is still open.

Fox News is to Obama what garlic and a holy cross is to a vampire.

Do you really feel Fox News is your enemy?



One more thing.

Please don't tell Obama

what comes after a trillion.


Update 2:

To White Lightening

You are a typical Liberal, You make accusations and practice name calling. Yet in typical character, you allow mo e-mail or Ims to challenge you.

I hope you and "The One" will be happy together.


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  • Anonymous
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    It is just so pathetic

    liberals have elected a leader of the free world who is deathly terrified of an American TV station

    I stop and think, the man that is charged with protecting this country, is so spineless, so gutless, so scared of Fox news he won't even appear on that network.

    What is he so afraid of anyway ?

    My GOD liberals are pathetic

  • rwb13
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    1 decade ago

    i agree with your statement. i watch other news channels, far and away, fox is the most fair. when you are watching channels that are constantly one-sided anything that is fair seems biased. we the public, need to keep our eyes open. this admin. says they will not do away with the fairness doctrine but there are back door ways of accomplishing the same thing. fox beats their cable competition by better than 2 to 1 so obama is trying to use his position to marginalize them. if you want to hear the president speak on a particular policy or plan fox will be kept out of the loop. his top aides will not appear on fox but will gladly appear on the other we love obama news networks. does anyone get the point? why did gun sales skyrocket after the election? people thought congress would repeal the 2nd amendment. they don't have to, people. they can raise taxes on the ammunition to where you can't afford it, thus leave the 2nd amendment as is but accomplish the goal. consider the new taxes on cigarettes and alcohol as an example. it's the old shell game theory. don't listen to the words, watch the actions.

  • Brenda
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    4 years ago

    Mr. obama is trying to set the stage for the new law that goes along these line no news organization" broadcasting must provide equal time for both sides of the political spectrum. By saying fox in not a news channel this law will require them to give equal time for and against. on all programs. With talk show hosts etc.

  • Emma
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    1 decade ago

    Excellent question.

    Maybe the Fox News contributors and analysts do not always have the most agreeable opinions about things, but I would easily trust them and their sources over CNN and MSNBC any day. If you want RELIABLE coverage of the news, Fox is the way to go. If you want partisan ranting and sucking up to Obama, the other networks are for you.

    The more hate that Fox News generates, the more it reminds me that they are the only fair and balanced network who is telling the truth. The left wing media is afraid of the influence they have, as they very well should be.

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  • teagan
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    1 decade ago

    The truth threatens Obama, as it does with all the liberals. They are so used to bulling, bashing and mocking those that disagree to cover up the real truth getting out there. A fine example is how many bashing and belittling questions I see on a daily basis here with regards to Palin- she threatens them. I guess when you have a sheeple mentality you want those that you worship to be shown only in the golden light.

    Fox news is the only news organization that challenges both liberals and conservatives so the American people have a voice to question their decisions. Since we no longer have the checks and balances in our government it is good to have someone trying to get the real answers we all have.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's not FOX -- it's the mindset. I guess the Ohio State/BYU Study was right after all...liberals only access information that reinforces their agenda and have no time for opposition or counter-arguments. Which, as you stated in your question is a concern b/c these are supposedly the people w/ higher degrees...a higher degree of ignorance maybe:

    "People with stronger party affiliation, conservative political views, and greater interest in politics proved more likely to click on articles with opposing views, according to the Ohio State study.

    “It appears that people with these characteristics are more confident in their views and so they’re more inclined to at least take a quick look at the counterarguments,” Knobloch-Westerwick noted…

    The Brigham Young University survey found that journalists also tended to read liberal blogs - perhaps a reflection of journalists’ political beliefs, although even conservatives said liberal blogs were often better-written, Davis pointed out.

    Among the political blog readers, a similar trend emerged in which “liberals read almost exclusively liberal blogs, but conservatives tend to read both,” Davis said.

    Davis offered another possible explanation for this trend among blog readers. Conservative views dominate talk radio, and so conservatives may feel more satisfied by that outlet and are willing to check out opposing views on blogs." End quote.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lightening, if O'Rielly makes a mistake, he owns up. He does indeed allow those who hate him have a voice on his own show. Then, he defies them to make their point against his own. Clearly, lightening has no idea what O'Rielly's show is about. On every show of Fox news I watch, there is a person representing both sides of an argument. On NO OTHER NETWORK is that practiced. Obama is a coward. He knows Fox will not let him lie with no repercussions. They will ask what and why and like liberals everywhere, there are no answers. Period.

  • 1 decade ago

    Uh, believing everything proven liars tell you to think is neither intelligent or open-minded.

    Instead of mindlessly believing everything liars tell you, why not use more accurate sources for your "news"?

    Faux News IS the enemy of all truth-loving people. They rejected Reality-Based thinking from the start.

    Uh, anyone who thinks it's possible to predict the future with 100% accuracy is certainly not intelligent. Projecting any economic trend into the future always involves uncertainty.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This egomaniac in charge will not put up with dissent. Fox doesn't slobber over his every word and heroic fly slaying, thus he impugns them. That Inspector General for Americorp wouldn't tolerate the corruption of one of Obama's supporters and contributors, thus he fired him. He is using his Propaganda branch (ABC) to sell his one sided snakeoil without any debate or discussion. He is a petty tyrant that will aggresively squelch all dissent.

  • 1 decade ago

    There is no doubt that the commentators on FoxNews do have the tendency to hit Obama pretty hard...but I have also learned that when I check out the information for myself through other sources...usually the Congressional record etc....they have been right on.

    Like any great politician, the Obama crew will put the best spin possible on everything they do and say. Often, it is not what they say...but what they don't say that has the real impact on the country. I watch Fox as well as several other news channels and have found their information to be for the most part accurate and valid.

    The only time I get upset with them is when they have Rush L. on for something. He is just to far out for me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Obama isn't even the worst part of it all. Why is it that the liberal media paints all republicans as ''anti-american'' or all around bad people. I mean lets compare, the republican part brought us (Lincoln, Reagan, teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower.) the democrats gave us (jimmy carter, andrew jackson, martin van buren woodrow wilson, and bill clinton.

    in my honest opinion the republican party is more for the people that big brother obama and the government.

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