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Who is the Best Free Agent to Pick up?

I have 1 more roster spot on my team, and the best Free Agents are: Todd Helton, JJ Hardy, Jose Lopez, Freddy Sanchez, Scott Rolen, Adam Laroche, and Garrett Atkins.

Who should i pick up? Thanks.

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    depending on your positional needs, I would go with Helton or Hardy.

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    LaRoche has been streaky for me. Hardy was dropped in every league I'm in. Garret Atkins got picked up when the Rox hit their win streak. Freddy Sanchez has been about the same as LaRoche. Todd Helton is in decline. If I'm you, I take my chances on Atkins or Rolen if that's all thats available. I'd pick up Juan Pierre just for this week til Manny comes back if you're looking to raise your BA or runs.

    Source(s): Fantasy baseball player for 2 years
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    Helton or Atkins

  • 1 decade ago

    i have freddy sanchez in one of my leagues and he is doing very well (hes having some career bests in some categories, and he leads the league in doubles)..he has been very good for me throughout the season. i also had rolen, but he has cooled off since his surprisingly hot start and his good start has kept his overall yearly stats looking better than they really are. jose lopez is also a very good option if you need him, because he's starting to pick up the pace after a poor start

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