What are some ideas for outfits for my senior pictures?

I have an hour and half, up to 5 outfits, and indoor and out.

I only have 2 outfits so far which is my cheer uniform and a colorful dress for my art stuff. and i am thinking about maybe doing some colored jeans for something bright and fun. any ideas please?!(:

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    A shirt with a cute darker colored cartigan would be good for close ups. Bright jeans are a great idea! Just pick outfits that totally resemble you:). Pick something that defines who you are.

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    The two chosen ones are fine and jeans would be ok as well more for a casual look. Not knowing the style of your dress -a little formal one would look nice if the one you have is very casual. I have seen some photos w/girls as well as boys barefooted -it looks horrible! The nicer you look the better you will like the pictures in years to come.

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    Wear something cute yet casual that is timeless. I think a white shirt (like a vneck) and plain jeans would be cute. Or if you really wanted you could wear the colored jeans. I think maybe you could also wear a sun dress :)

  • strada
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    4 years ago

    Senior photos are professionally achieved, you bypass with clothing, get hair and make up achieved, and you will %. backgrounds. The photographers assist you look your great and could function your physique that might actually assist you look bigger. Senior yearbook %. are professionally complete in a cap and dress besides as a drape. maximum schools recent it at college in case you do no longer want to bypass out and get it performed professionally yet the two way it is going to cost money. i'm additionally no longer substantial probable reminiscences ingredient, although i like the belief of having my photograph taken and observing attractive and stuff..I mean those are additionally snap photos which you may have the capacity available out to relatives and pals to keep in mind one yet another via way of.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its not that big of a deal just make shure your hair is good and top and thats all anyone really notices

    P.S. your getting advice from an 11 year old

  • 1 decade ago

    go basic! when you look back at your pictures you may wonder 'why did i ever wear that??!' but with something basic like jeans and a black top then you will look clean cut and not like youre trying too hard.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Avoid something trendy! You will regret that look later in life, when your kids laugh at your yearbook photos.

  • AmY k
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    1 decade ago

    go to hollister,and get an outfit that looks vintage and fun.

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