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If you're a Twilight fan, please answer!?

Okay, here goes.

Let's just put this way: I hate fan-girls. I happen to be friends with one....and, excuse me for being a total b*tch, but she can be really annoying. I was once a fan of Twilight, but now kind of hate because it had to go all main stream. Anyway, this chick I'm friends with want's to see "New Moon" with me, but I know if I take her with me she'll be all " OMG, Rob is so hot! Oh my god, Edward!" and if she does, I'll have to.....well, kill her.

How can I tell her in a nice way that I don't want to take her with me because girls like her is what is making me hate Twilight so f*cking much?


Anne Rice is better. Her vampires have fangs and don't sparkle in the sunlight. I'm on to her now.

Update 2:

Okay, heres the thing: I do want to see it. New Moon was my favorite book out of the series. I am just starting to get really annoyed with the whole Twilight saga. I hate how everyone who hated Rob loves him now. It's so stupid. And I can't, CAN'T stand little girls who go all crazy for it. I just wish they could have waited five more years to make the film. And I'll wait, like, a week for all the screaming girls to die so I can see the film.

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    Just say your not really into that film & you don't want to waste your money on something you don't even like or want to see!

    If she's a good friend she won't mind!

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    Well just say to her that u r jealous since she likes edward so much and not u! or just say it in her face besides u can get other new girl friends!

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    i understand what you are saying, i guess.

    so, is there anyone else you can go with?

    or like go with your cousins or something?

    im going with my cousins cuz they arent twilight freaaaks.

    i used to be one, but im getting over it.

    and novembers a long way off, maybe she wont be that obsessed by then, and you'll be able to go then.

  • maybe You can say "look I'd like to go with you but you see... I'm not really into twilight any more. Sorry" or something like that.. I hope I helped you in some way. No I'm not a huge twilight fan... i like it but Not that much.... lol..

    can you please please please answer mine?;_ylt=Ak3TO...

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