Kaseya vs. Altiris - Network Management Software?

Does anyone know what the differences are? like which is better for what and why, or why one of them is worse?



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    Both tools provide strong asset management components. In addition, they are packaged with other functions that make them a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for PC management with features such as patching, remote control, and software delivery.

    Below are some of the things we liked about each product.


    Integration with Active Directory is better in Altiris than Kaseya. Kaseya only offers AD discovery (although that is changing in their next release)

    We liked the application metering and power management offered by Altiris (PM is an add-on with Kaseya and license metering is part of a future release)

    The Altiris interface has a more modern feel (again Kaseya's new release completely revamps the UI)

    For Kaseya, we found:

    Kaseya’s server install is much cleaner than Altiris – much less to break.

    In Kaseya everything is explicitly scheduled, which helps testing and troubleshooting. Altiris has more general scheduling (click and hope it works).

    Kaseya’s scripting was more straightforward (no programming knowledge required).

    Patch management was better in Kaseya.

    Kaseya is a much more flexible product than Altiris when it comes to groups, auditing, patching, etc.

    It is much easier to drill down to one particular PC with Kaseya than it is with Altiris.

    Kaseya’s ongoing support costs are significantly lower.

    I really think the scripting was probably the biggest advantage.

    Hope this helps.

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    Most network management software vendors are working towards making their computing environments distributed and easily accessed.


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