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Does anyone know how to become a LNA in Maine/ NH?

I am interested in persuing a college degree in the health care field; and I really want to work as a LNA while in school. I am attending school Maine, in the Portland area to be more specific, and I am at a loss about how to go about doing so. I know that some facilities will train you and I was just wondering if any LNA's in ME or NH have any guidance for me..

thank you for taking the time to help!!

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    In Maine, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services issues CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) licenses. LNA (licensed nursing assistang) is the same certification as a CNA.

    Apparently in Maine, community colleges offer CNA education. The search I did listed Central Maine Community College, Eastern Maine Community College, Kennebec Valley Community College, Northern Maine Community College, and Southern Maine Community College as possible sources.

    This site also may be helpful http://www.4cnas.com/id3.html.

    Source(s): Healthcare teaching assistant. CNA, HHA, MAT, and AUA. (state of Oklahoma).
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