Travel and Tourism - degree programs in NYC?

Are there any programs in NYC for students interested in travel and tourism? Preferably a CUNY school?

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    1 decade ago
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    yea there r couple good cuny colleges.

    Kingsborough Community College offers a A.A.S. degree in TOURISM and HOSPITALITY

    La Guardia Community College also offers A.A.S. degree in it.

    New York City College of Technology offers a B.Tech

    my friend is doin this same degree right now at kingsboruough and plans to transfer to new york city college of tech.

    kingsborough is the best in my eyes bc the staff here is way better than any other cuny college. hope this helps. good luck.

    Source(s): personal experience with cuny and suny colleges
  • 4 years ago

    My spouse's brother-in-regulation works for a substantial lodge chain as a concierge. that's not your regular lodge........he has photos of himself with most of the travellers: Tom Landry, George Forman and Mick Jagger are evoked. $3 hundred-4 hundred a nighttime. His bosses have this very degree and he states that many get positioned into the administration software. The pay is sweet, however the hours could be loopy. Even the concierge is paid properly. My spouse's cousin additionally has this degree and she or he's a vice concept at a intense college. i understand...that's no longer commute suitable. She is likewise paid ok. good success in college.

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