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im 11 and i wear makeup is that ok or not?

i love to wear makeup but i dont know if its ok

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    Its fine at least your not 5 years old that be wrong.

    1-9=no makeup

    10-13= some makeup not too much

    14-17= a little more makeup

    18-20's= a little even more

    30-40s=try to tone it down a little

    50-60= try to really tone it down and no bright colors

    70+=rally tone it down or stop wearign too much

    Keep this a s a life rule youll look great :D

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    It's all right as long as you don't make yourself look like a hooker or a clown.

    Put on as little make up as you can & don't cake anything on. Apply it nice & thin. You don't want to cover up your face--you just want to give it some color.

    It might take some practice to figure out what looks best on your face. I would recommend asking an older sister or your mom to experiment with you--try different colors & brands until you find the perfect ones for you.

    One thing my mom always used to tell me--

    You only get to be a kid once! Don't forget that and try to grow up too fast. Then when you ARE an adult, you'll wish you could go back & play more & just be a kid... but you won't be able to.

    Be a kid while you still can. Have fun. Play outside. Make new friends. Don't worry so much about being an adult. The time WILL come, even though it seems far away right now.

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    11 is a small age to start wearing makeup but of course its ok. ^ ^

    But maybe you shouldn't wear too much makeup.

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    It depends on how much and what colours. In my personal opinion, 11 is a bit early (I'm almost 13 and I only wear lip gloss and mascara occasionally), but if it's something minor and subtle (like foundation, natural-ish coloured eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, and lipstick that isn't too bright and obvious), then it's okay for a preteen. Otherwise, you may end up looking a little trashy. Just my opinion.

    Source(s): My brain. ;)
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    I love makeup too! But for eleven I'd stick with lipgloss, blush, very, VERY light eyeshadow, and if you're really good at putting it on, mascara. Too much mascara or mascara incorrectly put on looks awful! That goes with all makeup. I had a friend in 7th grade who always wore way too much and ttoo dark makeup. It looked really awful and made her look insecure. A little is great, but don't overdo it.

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    well when your 11 you dont really need makeup but i guess its fine to wear it. just make sure you dot wear to much and take it all off before bed

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    In my school I see most of the girls wearing make up and they are 11/12. I don't wear make up, but that is just me.

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    no, you should be enjoying that gorgeous lovely youthful skin of yours!

    wear it when your older, remember makeup is always to enhance your features.

    But if you do wear makeup, make sure it's light and mineral. Always take all your makeup off your face before bed.

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    like I didn't need makeup when I was 11. that's a little young. Be a kid when you can.

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    yes that is ok but not too much because you are young and your skin is really sensitive,but a little mascara and maybe a little bit of blush or something but if you use too much you can damage your skin. but yes you can wear some make-up,just make sure you don't use too much.

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