Do you feel we will go into war with North Korea?

We are in dangerous times.

The war with North Korea seems to be on everyone's mind.

A confrontation seems more than likely.

America has always supported the north with the six party talks. The aim was to turn North into an open nation, as long as they stopped focusing on nuclear aims.

However, for ages North Korea has threatened the whole world by suggesting military action if its demands were not met. The world responds by giving the nation what it wants, as long as it followed certain rules.

It seems that those times are over.

America is not about to pay a lot of money to convince the North to stop it's vicious circle of give and take. North Korea seems hellbent on getting nukes and doesn't care what anyone says. They have basically, 2 weapons so far. They have pulled out of six party talks and they are even ignoring China and Russia. Which is a big sign of disrespect to their fellow allies.

The North has been well known for sustaining its economy through sales of arms and illegal activities. I used to think that China had a lot of pull over NK. But then again, why should it care what China thinks? North Korea is one of China's biggest trading partners. They know a lot about China's dirty laundry. North Korea seems to think that whatever happens, China must support them. If they did care, North Korea would have stopped their provocation already.

The interesting thing is what China and Russia REALLY think about all of this. North Korea isn't stupid. The must realize that American troops are currently tied up in middle east issues and the American economy is still on the road to improvement. An attack on our forces would affect our economy and military in a severe way. However, thar would stop the American forces from winning.

Another problem right now is that Iran is watching. If we keep following this give and take method. North Korea will be armed with nuclear weapons. Then, the other nations will follow.

America is doing things the right way, by getting international support through the UN. However, if all sanctions fail, which most likely might happen, we must be prepared for the worst.

Do you think a war with North Korea is inevitable?

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    Unless the United States moves to support Japan or South Korea (which I doubt, beyond air strikes or naval support) we will not go to war with North Korea. They are not a threat to the United States, regardless of how much the media is hyping it.

    They have no means with which to reach us with their weapons. Not a single missile has gotten beyond Japan, yet. This latest threat is just that- a threat. That missile won't come anywhere near Hawaii.

    This is just another episode of a pompous, irrelevant leader making a big stink about things when, in reality, he has no influence over World affairs except in his own backyard (much like Saddam Hussein).

    I don't think Obama will do anything about it because Liberals are sissies when it comes to the use of force. However, in the case of North Korea, there is no need to use force anyway. So, even though the motives are different, the end result is the same. We need not mess with North Korea.

  • Rubym
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    1 decade ago

    Only if they attack first. If they attack South Korea, especially if they hit US troops there, or Japan, or especially the US, then yes, we would attack them. If it were nuclear, there is a strong chance we would go nuclear, but not 100%, that is such a drastic step.

    I think everybody, including China knows North Korea has these 'tantrums' from time to time and then settles down. Some on some questions about this have indicated Obama is not 'strong' or 'brave' enough to just attack North Korea. I think it would be wrong and not a strength to just jump into war against them because they are making war threats. We have to wait and see. We have spy satellites and other means of watching them. If there is a lot of troops movement toward South Korea or if it looked like they were fueling a lot of rockets, we might or might not move right away.

    I agree that Iran is watching this, but more of a scenario that if we were to go to war against North Korea, we would probably pull a lot of troops out of the Mideast, not only Iraq and possibly Afghanistan, but Kuwait and Turkey and other places where we have troops. That might make it easier for them to make a move against Israel.

    Frankly I think Kim of North Korea is somewhat suicidal, and might want to take his country with him, so he is making threats hoping to get us to respond, kind of like a bank robber who commits "suicide by cop', the problem is he could take several million people (I don't know the population of North Korea) down with him.

  • 1 decade ago

    N. Korea needs money to feed its starving population. For the U.S. electorate, your president will likely make food drops as an effort to "reach out." The people in the rural areas are eating bark from trees; so the situation is not good. At some point, we must expect that the military of N. Korea will slaughter is rural population as a solution to the problem. Similar to another nation killing the children at the Waco compound to avert child molestation. The nukes on the ship is the N. Korean weapon of persuasion.

  • 1 decade ago

    say what you want about north korea, but america isn't doing this the right way, north korea threatened war if any of its ships were searched by american or south korean navy, i cant see the USA taking it lightly if their ships got stopped and searched by north korean navy, and also USA says that north korea would be a threat if it had nuclear weapons, well imagine how threatened north korea feels because america already has nuclear weapons,

    americans and us europeans would like to see china being less friendly with north korea and supporting them less, Same way as most arab countries would like to see USA and europe stop supporting Israel, and they are both equally unlikely to happen

    i think someone has already said this, but north korea and south korea are already at war

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  • 1 decade ago

    North Korea withdrew from the Armistice agreement several weeks ago. An Armistice is not a peace treaty, it is an agreement to cease hostilities. Therefore, as soon as N. Korea withdrew from the Armistice, a state of war existed. The Lord of the Flies war, not Bush's. So, we are at war, they know it, only Americans are too undereducated by government schools to not understand this.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think war will happen any time soon. North Korea knows we have a stronger military and more allies than they do. Besides, China is starting to cut off supplies to North Korea.

  • 1 decade ago

    Pinpoint a time in all of mankind's history where we were never on the brink of war against someone, something, somewhere... you can't do it. N.Korea always threatens a war but the truth is no one likes NK they cause a lot of trouble and aggravation.

    NK did this with Bush too I remember.

  • sparks
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    1 decade ago

    No, A war with N. Korea would be stupid. That country is on the verge of imploding. I think there will be a military coup before the end of this year.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well...... If North Korea strikes the US, im sure there would be retaliation, and it could probably head for serious trouble...

  • 1 decade ago

    Why do the North Korean would like to have a go with you? Is it other way around?

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