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sport teams,what are the criteria for any sporting team to fly under the banner"great britain"?

i.e tennis players play for GB,olympic teams are GB,but we have national football teams.if you can understand what i'm getting at can you explain pls

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    It depends on the actual sport itself.

    i.e with soccer(football) each respective country like England, Ireland, Scotland etc all have relative success at the sport without collaborating and they have a fan base large enough etc etc

    For Olympics it is simply for tally purposes (like the USA or how the Soviet Union used to be) because the Great Britain Olympic team represents the wider talent pool of GB instead of just individual nations on the region.

    In tennis the same would happen in the Davis cup . e.g Andy Murray is the only player form Great Britain ranked high enough to compete at Olympic levels and Slams therefore he represents the common aim of the 'nation'. Its basically to keep everyone happy.

    In tennis they (England, Scotland etc) will never face each other they will compete against other countries!, but they might in Soccer or Basketball!

    Hope it helps mate

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