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What age must you be to purchase a gun (ANY...handgun, rifle, shotgun) in OHIO? Also, HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, say a RIFLE or SHOTGUN is obtained...and say, placed in the trunk of a vehicle...and the person who has this gun in possession "flashes" this gun at a person ( for example got out of the vehicle and showed someone the gun)..is this illegal in OHIO (gun in possession and having it visible)? LAST...say a person is walking down an OHIO street with a gun concealed (not visible) and "flashes" this gun at a person...is this legal? Once again, im speaking of Ohio...and HYPOTHETICALLY...

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  • Kevin
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    1 decade ago
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    Age to purchase a gun in Ohio:

    18 for a long gun (shotgun or rifle)

    21 to purchase a handgun.

    If you "flash" or brandish a gun at someone that would be illegal unless they were robbing or otherwise attacking you. You could be charged with inducing panic, aggravated menacing, and possibly other charges.

    If you are walking down an Ohio Street with a concealed gun without a concealed carry permit you are committing a felony even if you don't show the gun to anyone. If you then flash the gun at someone you are looking at the felony (carrying concealed weapon) and the charges listed above.

    On the other side of the coin, Ohio (as indicated above) is a concealed carry State. If you pull a gun on the wrong person and cause them to reasonably fear for their safety you may not live long enough to get charged with any crime.

    Source(s): Police Officer/Detective (Ohio), 13+ years
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  • Chris
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    1 decade ago

    There is no reason to speak hypothetically because you are not being charged with anything, this post is considered hearsay, and you didn't admit to anything.

    That being said - you must be 18 to purchase a long gun and 21 to purchase a pistol in Ohio. Long guns are rifles, shotguns, muskets, etc.

    I'm not clear as to what you mean when you say that someone "flashes" the gun at a person. I'm assuming you mean that in a threatening manner the person shows the gun to another person to intimidate them. That would be an aggravated assault charge.

    It doesn't matter that one is in a car and the other is on the street.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not sure about Ohio...

    But in Michigan, you must be 18, and rifles or shotguns can be purchased at any establishment, with no license or registration required.

    Also, carrying/showing someone the gun is legal, as long as it's not loaded.

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