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英文轉中文part 2

¾We insist on “full container load” and “less than container load” should be avoided.

Packing material such as cardboard, paper, etcetera are prohibited for fabrics supply. Clamps made of metal and similar closures are not accepted for security reasons. Exceptions like complete imports must be announced in writing.

¾For the fabric bales itself we ask for single bale packing and delivery and there should be no bundling of 2 or 3 bales to one packing unit., neither using another sack and or carton boxes.

¾For the full container load we request to get a correctly sorted loading that means same items and colours together and not widespread within the container.

¾Orders must be delivered complete and in exceptional case we only will accept partial delivery.

¾Quantities per pattern and color must be delivered complete and partial delivery will be not accepted unless Casa Moda and or Tunica Fareast LTD want to separate or is accepting this one. On any partial delivery the supplier must inform us in written before any delivery is permitted.

¾For the order delivery we insist to follow our order priority that means “first-in, first-out”.

¾ We insist on “full container load” and “less than container load” should be avoided.

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    ¾ 我們堅持“全面集裝箱”和“不到集裝箱”應該避免。


    ¾ 對於織物包本身我們要求單包包裝和交付,以及不應該有任何捆綁2個或3個包,一個包裝單位。 ,既不用另一個口袋和或紙箱。

    ¾ 整個集裝箱我們要求獲得正確排序載入中,這意味著同樣的物品和顏色,並沒有廣泛的容器內。

    ¾ 訂單必須交付完整和在特殊情況下,我們不僅將接受部分交貨。

    ¾ 量每模式和顏色必須提供完整和部分交付將不被接受,除非家時尚和或丘尼卡遠東有限公司想單獨或接受這一點。任何部分交貨的供應商必須以書面通知我們之前交付是允許的。

    ¾ 命令交付我們堅持按照我們的優先順序,這意味著“中的首個,先出” 。

    ¾ 我們堅持“全面集裝箱”和“不到集裝箱”應該避免。

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    對於織物包本身我們要求單包包裝和交付,以及不應該有任何捆綁2個或3個包,一個包裝單位。 ,既不用另一個口袋和或紙箱。




    命令交付我們堅持按照我們的優先順序,這意味著“中的首個,先出” 。



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