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近期研究發現人口統計變數對資本市場報酬會產生影響,在此前提下,壽險公司管理死亡率風險,可進一步加入死亡率對壽險公司資產面的影響。因此,壽險公司除了採用負債面的自然避險方式,亦可同時透過資產面調整來處理死亡率的不確定性。本研究延伸Gründl, Post & Schulze (2006) 所建立的模型,以德國資料為例,模擬死亡率變動對壽險公司資產負債價值同時造成影響時,壽險公司如何藉由調整投資組合、契約組合、與期初資本投入等因素來達到股東價值極大化。

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    Recent study found that demographic variables will be paid on the capital market impact, in this premise, the life insurance companies to manage the risk of mortality, mortality rate can be further adding to the life insurance side effects of the assets of the company. Therefore, the use of life insurance companies in addition to the natural hedge liabilities side approach can also be adjusted through the asset side to deal with the uncertainty of mortality. Extension of this study Grndl, Post & Schulze (2006) established a model of information to Germany as an example, the simulation of mortality changes on life insurance companies the value of assets and liabilities at the same time impact, the life insurance companies how to adjust the investment portfolio through lease portfolio with the beginning of factors such as capital investment to achieve shareholder value maximization.

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