I was wondering how to decorate a elmo themed room with pink walls?

I have a light tutu pink for all the walls in my daughters room accept for one wall...the accent wall. Its a little darker pink. I chose pink for the room when she was a baby and never really decorated it! Well she will be two in August and I really want to decorate her room in ELMO...Everything has to be elmo! My only problem i seem to be having is I cant find anything elmo with pink in it to match!

Plus im not really a decorating type of person and I really want it to look nice especially for her party!

Any and all suggestion are greatly appreciated! Thank You!

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    Do an Elmo's World theme.

    Think about the things in Elmo's World.

    There is music...

    The alphabet....

    A fish tank...

    If your daughter's name is Brandi...you would make it 'Brandi's World' instead of Elmo's World.

    So, on the wall have these things painted....

    (the words) 'Brandi's World'- Have a globe painted with pink continents and light blue water. The words 'Brandi's World' should be in a circle around the globe.

    Then do big black and white piano keys going across the walls like a big ribbon...

    On another wall do the alphabet in all different primary colors ...

    For the windows...

    Use white sheer curtains bunched up so they are very full... let them pool onto the floor. Make sure the curtain rod goes from about three inches from the ceiling... then let the curtains hang to the floor. This will make the room appear to be taller.

    Go to the fabric store and find some Elmo iron on patches/decals/applicaes to make tie backs for the curtains... or string a bunch together and hang them from the curtain rod for a fun twist.

    Here are some on Ebay so that you know what your looking for:


    Then.. find some Elmo sheets and use the fabric to recover a small ottoman to use as funky chairs/storage in the room.

    Make pillows from old throw pillows that do not match your decor anymore. Just make a simple envelope pillow case to cover the old pillow to make a bunch of fun new 'Elmo' pillows in all the primary colors... add one BIG pink one to tie the room together.

    Find a durable wooden lamp. Spray paint it pink and add some glitter effect to the lamp base over the pink. Find a white lamp shade and use paint pens to make rainbow polka dots all over it. (VERY EASY TO DO.)

    Get a very plush multicolored rug with some pink in it to tie the room together.

    Get a pink comforter... add the pillows to the bed... and BOOM the room is tied together.

    Leave a space open so that during the party, the kids can dance to a fun Elmo CD.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Im thinking youre going to have to add some Zoe and Abby Kadabby in there... I know you want all elmo... but thats all I can think of. However, it really wont matter if you do all elmo in a pink room because your kiddo wont mind a bit. I suppose you could also repaint it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can paint the walls in yellow or lime green for starters. Get Elmo wall hangings posters, stuufed toy and bedding set for your baby's room.

    Elmo bedding sets are also available from Walmart. Check them out before buying.

    Also posting links so you can view some pics and decide what you want for your baby.



    Source(s): www.ninaathome.com
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    this will be a tough decorating job since red and pink clash particularly however i would consider just using elmo normally. however i found this animation of a pink elmo and if you took a copy of it as a still then got it blown up and printed it out i'm sure it would look nice


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    I'd get this throw with Elmo on a cute pink background and stictch it around the edge to the top cover of the bedding. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sesame-Street-Love-Elmo-... Then I'd use red, white, purple, and touches of black in the room for a unified Elmo theme that still goes with the pink walls.

    All other Elmo theme bedding is in bright primary colors like yellow, green, and blue that wouldn't go well with the pink walls you have. I'd get these wall decals, too. http://www.walmart.com/ip/RoomMates-Sesame-Street-... But I'd only use the ones with some pink in them like Big Bird, who has pink on his legs, Abbie Cadaby who's dressed in pink, the pink book, and Elmo, of course.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go with a pink-red-orange theme. Zoey would fit with that, too.

    Have, say, white bedding, with pink-red-orange throw/comforter/cushions, etc.

    Stick with the three-colour combo and try to avoid adding other colours into the mix (except white).

    Have fun!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yep. they said it all. U could also watch HGTV for tips and stuff


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