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Can steaming your face cause acne?

The last couple of times I've steamed my face I've broken out the next day like crazy. I've heard it's supposed to be really good, but I'm afraid to try it again! Is there something I might be doing wrong? I just steam over a sink of hot water then rinse with cold water/wash my face/put acne cream on it.

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    No, steaming doesn't cause acne. It actually can help because it opens the pores so they can clear themselves. You are breaking out because your face isn't clean before you do it. You should always start first by washing your face with soap and water to remove the dirt and bacteria on the surface of the skin. Then when the pores open, the bacteria isn't there to move in. You've just got that part out of order, that's all. Try washing your face well first. Then steam your face, and then wipe your face down with witch hazel. If you store that in the fridge so it's cold, you will cool down the skin at the same time and eliminate any bacteria, while soothing your skin. Witch hazel is the main ingredient in most acne rinses as well, but cheaper if you buy the plain stuff. Acne cream can also over dry the skin, and dry skin breaks out worse than oily skin. Acne cream is best used as a spot treatment rather than an all over skin treatment. Try washing first, then steaming, then cooling, and you should have better luck.

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    Steaming is a great way to smooth the skin and clear the bacteria from your face. I steam three times a week. First you star by cleaning the face with a gentle cleanser I recommended a foam cleanser then bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Poor the boiled water into a bowl and cover your head with a towel and put your face over the bowl but make sure you still have air flow to breath. I steam for about eight minutes then wash my face again followed by a honey mask for about fifteen minutes then rinse with warm water and finally close pores with a toner and moisturize. I do this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and it really smooths my skin and evens out my complexion and removes my acne because it is taking out the bacteria that is in your pores and under your skin.

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