Is the sun going to go nova and destroy the earth one day?

If the sun is to go nova and destroy the earth one day, shouldn't we be preparing for this inevitable event. And shouldn't we start soon? There's a lot of stuff to get off this planet!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All life on Earth will have been destroyed by solar overactivity long before that.

    Current theory says that in as little as 800 million years (up to 1.3 billion), the sun will kill all life and in 4-5 billion years will destroy the Earth itself - wiping out all evidence of our existence.

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    Well, based on the current theory, we have about 5 billion years to prepare. The Earth would not be destroyed by the Sun going nova, but earlier than that. In about 5 billion years the Sun will have exhausted its supply of hydrogen which it is currently fusing into helium. When it does, the Sun will then begin to fuse helium. As it does so it will swell in size, enough to engulf the Earth.

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    The sun doesn't have enough mass to go supernova, but it will become a Red Giant and die within 5 billion years. However, in just one billion years the temperatures on Earth will be so hot that life will cease to exist. Now, what's interesting is that life itself may actually add another 1.3 billion years to the planet's habitable lifespan. Nitrogen makes up most of the atmosphere, and the reduction of nitrogen on a massive scale will result in less air pressure. Lower air pressure makes "holes", so to speak in the atmosphere allowing heat to escape. So, if you were to remove much of the unreactive nitrogen gas, you would cool the Earth. This is happening naturally because living things consume nitrogen and bury it with them when they die. Nitrogen levels have been decreasing throughout history, which supports the theory.

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    The sun will go red giant before nova, but it will be getting dangerously small in about 5 or 6 billion years

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  • 3 years ago

    No it won't bypass nova, no longer adequate mass neither is it element of a binary equipment. it extremely is going to bypass right into a pink significant section regardless of the undeniable fact that, because of the fact the hydrogen is used up and it starts off to fuse heavier and heavier aspects. The earth will for particular be long gone even though it probable won't attain as some distance because of the fact the orbit of mars. close to the top the solar will blow off maximum of its mass in a chain of convulsions because it nears the element of fusing aspects into Iron. Fusion will provide up there and all which would be left is a white dwarf which will at last cool and bypass dark. do no longer difficulty, the solar is in basic terms center elderly so which you have a pair of billion years, a minimum of, before you need to difficulty approximately it.

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    Yes the sun will eventually expand and destroy the planet earth when it turns into a red gian it will swallow the inner planets... then it will collapse and turn into a white brown or black dwarf but this event wont be fo Billions of years.

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