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Does being Anti Zionist mean being anti semitic ? However I don't agree. What say you all ?

Pro Zionist Israeli Government, Jabotinsky Group, Mapam ( Left Wing Zionist ). AIPAC,Ant Zionist, Jews against Racism and For E2quality, American Council for Judais. Please explain their differences and your stand in this regard. Thanks, Neturei Karta, Ultra Orthodox anti Zionists, Jewish Socialist Bund.


Incidentally Arthur Koestler and others have postulated that many if not most Eastern European Jews are not of Semitic ancestry but Khazars a tribe located at the steppes of the Soviet Union. This tribe converted to Judaism which suggests that it's a religious rather than an ethnic issue

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    I agree that being against Zionism is not anti-semitic. Whatever certain zionists have done can't be collectively blamed on Jews

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    What's a Jew anyway? I think the problems are confusion between ethnicity and Religion. The religion is Judaism. The practicers of Judaism can be anyone. Originally the way I understand is they were followers of Abraham called Hebrews. only 1 of their tribe was Juda. There was Ham, Shem and Japth(something) stepped off the boat with Noah. Hamites, Shemites and (another). These are ethnic groups. Noted among many Jewish religious are also Ethiopians. Zionism is the "mandate" that Jewish people return after the Babylonian capture, to the land that God gave them. It was never an understanding, at least not mine, that no one else could live there. The Romans certainly did.

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    I do not know what all these groups are, but I am surprised no one has defined the difference between Zionism and being Jewish. I cannot give and adequate explanation here, but the rough-cut version is this:

    "Jew" is a short-hand term for people who can claim ancestry to the Hebrew tribe of "Judah". Technically, the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi were the only tribes to return to the area around Jerusalem after the Babylonia captivity and the conquering of Babylon by Cyrus of Persia. Cyrus of Persia (which is interestingly enough Iran now) released the captive Hebrews for the loyal service of Nehemiah. Benjamin was a small tribe and the tribe of Levi was the priestly class and they all collapsed into the tribe of Judah as the only survivors of the Hebrews, so to speak. This group was disperse by the Romans because they were a very unruly people and refused to be absorbed into another culture. The Second (or is it Third Diaspora) occurred after the fall of Jerusalem, I believe under Trajan. [The First Diaspora might be considered the destruction of the Northern Hebrew Kingdom by the Assyrians, dispersing the other Hebrew tribes that never returned, the "Lost Tribes of Israel"; the Second Diaspora might be consider the carrying away of the remaining tribes to Babylon).

    Zionism is a religio-political belief that it is "destiny" that the Jewish people reclaim their former land and re-establish the Jewish state. It is not really religious, but it is hard to separate a religious tradition from blood-line when it comes to the Jewish people. In some sense they believe that God has promised them this land and they have a right to it, but in reality it is hard to say if all Zionists believe in God, but they do continue to believe in the rights to their land. You might also say that they, like Americans of a certain era, believed in "Manifest Destiny", in their case, that they should have Gaza and the West Bank of Jordan, but I don't want to start animosity. As a political entity, I believe Zionism in the modern version started around World War II. Of course, I may have some facts incorrect.

    Anti-Semitism is a slippery term. I think that from a technical point of few, Arabic and Jewish people are Semitic because they draw their lineage from Abraham. But, again from a technical view, not all Middle Eastern people are Arabian, as the modern press confuses them to be. For example, many Iranians are from Persian descent, not from Arabia. The press tends to mix "Arab" with "Moslem" and "Islamic". This entire controversy is only a monumental example of the "stupifying" of the people of the planet Earth.

    In the end we are all "Human Beings" and are the same.

    I think most people must be hoping for a world-wide cataclysm, because so far the world seems to becoming a smaller place through our technology and it behooves us to become more tolerant and friendly toward one another than more hostile. Maybe I am looking at things in the wrong way.

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    I think they are two different things. I support Jewish people and their rights, and I'm sensitive to the Holocaust and a history of ill treatment received by the Jewish people.

    However, I greatly disagree with some of Israel's tactics, and I don't think Israelis have anymore rights than Palestinians. One is political feelings towards a country, the other is racism towards a specific group of people, 2 separate matters.

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    I have nothing against Jewish/Semitic people based on their physical characteristics, but Israel was a bad move politically. I think Israel is wrong, but I would have invited all the Jews to live in the United States.

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    All I know John there are allot of wonderful, decent, thought full Jews who are against allot of Israel's policies - especially land grabbing - what I hate is being labeled a Jew hater just because as an American I'm against allot of the US policies toward Israel which has supported allot of this land grabbing.

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    I say that since only 20% of Jewish people can lay claim to a Semitic heritage, while 100% of Palestinians can, that being Pro Palestinian is being PRO Semitic.

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    no not at all. im strongly anti zionist but have met some great jewish people. a persons religion means nothing to me. i think theyre all equally brainwashed. i dont hold it against them though. however i dont like fascist and racists be them christian, jewish or muslim, atheist etc

    the whole anti-semitic thing is just a cop out from those who think they can avoid criticism by claiming they are hated.

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    i think there should be room for a .

    although a lot of people equate the use of "zionist" as evidence the speaker buys into the world-wide conspiracy, that is basically anti all jews.

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    There are people in power in Israel that call themselves zionists and act like nazis, I do not like them, the fact that they also call themselves jewish does not influence me in any way it is their behaviour under the banner of Zionism that I dislike

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