Low carb diet tips??? Any advice besides don't do it!?

I am wondering if there are any good advice or websites with information such as

What things you can eat at fast food restaurants

Easy meals including desert's

Cheap way to do low carb

Also I am staying under 20 net carbs a day if that helps you and I will take any information thank you.

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    I have been successfully low-carbing for a few years now, but I remember being at a loss for good recipes, tips, and advice when I was new to this way of eating. Below, I have listed the links that I've bookmarked over the years and have found to be the most helpful.

    This site's focus is on the correct way to do Atkin's, just as Dr. Atkin's himself said it should be done. I have been a member for years, and find the advice and recipes there to be top notch:


    This site belongs to a woman named Linda who lost a lot of weight using the Atkin's Diet. She even has a section that tells you exactly what she ate each day while she was losing weight! Her recipes are better than any other recipes I've found, and she has the "induction suitable" recipes marked with a "*":


    This is a great web resource, similar to the Atkin's Diet Buletin Board above. Not every one who is part of this forum id on Atkin's, but I find that it has great recipes and information for a low-carb lifestyle:


    This lady has a very cute and funny blog dedicated to low-carbing. She is also a professional writer and writes low carb columns for magazines and newspapers. Her advice is really good:


    This guy has a blog which is a nice read, but I mostly keep his site bookmarked for the great recipes:


    This guy, Jimmy Moore, has one of the most famous wesites dedicated to low carbing. You'll see that he is a member of most of the low-carb websites. He has been incredibly successful losing weight using this way of eating, and looking through his site is sure to help you:


    This young woman has had some fantastic success, and her website is full of good advice and tip, trick, and recipes.


    You'll have to read through or search for exactly what you want from each site, because there is a lot of information available, but once you go through each site and find what you are looking for, I'm sure you'll bookmark them too!

    Good for you for deciding to go low carb. If you do it properly, you'll see great results! I know you can do it. e mail me if you need any other links or have a question.

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    1: Walking an hour each day is good. 2: There are many different alternatives to building strength and muscle that don't require weights. It's hard to explain them all here but some basics are, push ups, sit ups, swimming and even climbing stairs. Everything after 3 I will try to explain here... To lose weight you will need to do 2 things, adopt a healthy diet, and get a decent amount of exercise. If you're active (getting 30-60 minutes of exercise at least three times weekly): You need about 33kcal per kg (15 per lb) of body weight. For a 68kg (150lb) woman, it's around 2,250kcal; for a 79.5kg (175lb) man, it's about 2,625kcal To lose about 0.2kg (1/2lb) of weight a week, you need around 250kcal less per day. It can be pretty hard to change your diet so start with small and simple things like eating smaller portions. There are 5 food groups that you should base your diet on. Protein Good fats Fruit and Veg Whole Grains Dairy Foods 3 things to avoid are Saturated Fat, Salt and Sugar. Hopefully I haven't made this too confusing =) Edit: Also if you have been inactive for some time try to avoid sudden bursts of vigorous exercises, as it can have damaging effects on your Heart and Blood Vessels if your body is not prepared for it. Instead take this simple approach to fitness - Don't sit when you can stand, and don't stand when you can walk.

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    I've been on a weight loss plan since february. I've lost a little over 33 lbs eating really healthy by cooking at home with really good quality foods. But in the last two weeks i started an anti fungal diet where you eliminate certain starches. If you go to vitaganza.com, you'll find the diet. It tells you exactly what to eat. It says you can eat brown rice and brown rice pasta, but I kept those to a minimum. I have to say, I've lost more weight in the last two weeks than I have each week before i started on this diet. You have to stay away from sugars. There's a die off period you go through where you'll get these side effects from not eating sugars and grains, but you get over it. Read all about it on vitaganza.com. It's very interesting.

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    How many grams of fat do you plan on eating per day while on a low carb diet?

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    increase your non workout activity levels

  • Madge
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    4 years ago

    dont skip meals

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    soups can be both filling and comforting try making a garden or bean soup with low salt broth and store in portion sized cups for later

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    love a peanut butter smoothie try two tablespoons of powdered peanut butter instead

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    read capotes breakfast at tiffanys from start to finish

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    don t eat too many fruits

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