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Where can I file a No Tax Due online?

can I use e-file? What forms do I need to fill out? (ny) Besides using nystax.gov.


walt, in a document I was given and from what I read online...I still have to file a no tax due return. thanks

Update 2:

Judy- having problems registering and customer service is not helpful.

Update 3:

yes, sales tax

Update 4:

Thanks 12345678, just what I needed!

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    Correct. You'd still have to file even if you don't have any sales tax due.

    Filing a sales tax return online in NYS can only be done on the NYS website, to my knowledge:


    If you cannot file online, print out a ST-100 (assuming you are a quarterly filer) and send it in with no tax due - the next one is due by no later than this upcoming Monday, June 22, 2009:


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    Are you talking about a sales tax return? Why not just file at your state website?

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    If there is no tax due you don't need to file a tax return. Unless you overpaid and expect a refund.

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