Best restaurants in panama city?

So help me out here me an my boyfriend are going Panama city next week an need some tips on good restaurants..

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    First, there is a Yahoo Group called Panama-Restaurants. You should check it out for recommendations by Americans who live in Panama City and exchange reviews of top restaurants.

    Because Panama City is the capital of the country, and because it is one of the world's best "crossroads" there are a lot of excellent restaurants featuring Panamanian cuisine as well as Italian, Peruvian, Argentine, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, German and European.

    The problem, if there is one, with Panamanian restaurants is the lack of consistency. You can have a superb meal one week, go back and the food is terrible. So we have a real challenge in recommending a great spot because it may not always be so great.

    One of my favorites for consistency in good food and excellent service is Darna, on Ave. Balboa. It is next to the Extreme Planet complex. They only serve fish, pasta and vegetarian dishes. But the food is always superb. It is a bit more expensive than the middle but worth every penny.

    Costa Azul, near the Hotel Marriott, is a 24/7 Panamanian restaurant that is always busy. So it has fresh food and it is not expensive. For breakfast, lunch or dinner you will have a variety of choices.

    Argentine steak houses are plenty in Panama. I think the best value for the money is Martin Fierro in El Cangrejo. You can get a filet migon for about ten dollars including the city's best salad bar. Every thing they do is great.

    Almost next door is Machu Picchu a Peruvian restaurant. The accent there is on seafood and they do it right. You can get Corvina stuffed with shrimp in a white sauce for about ten bucks. It is excellent.

    For Chinese food, go to El Dorado and try Sun Li. They have great Dim Sum (Chinese breakfast) on Sunday mornings, but go early as the place is packed.

    Another one but in a different part of the city is Lung Fung. They have the formal dining room upstairs or a quick cafe down stairs.

    Madame Chang's in the Calle Uruguay section is a more expensive Chinese restaurant and has higher prices but is sometimes very good.

    The Calle Uruguay section is Panama's "strip". It has clubs, discos and a lot of restaurants. The mix is constantly changing but Gaucho's Steak House features the Argentine cuts. It is more expensive than Martin Fierro.

    The food courts in the malls have surprisingly good food. The best of these is the Multi Plaza mall. At that food court you can get the best hamburger in Panama at El Corral. You can get a pretty good steak for about 5 bucks, next door at Leno y Carbon. Leno y Carbon also have a more formal restaurant out at the end of the Amador causeway. You can sit, over looking the water and get a great steak or seafood at a very reasonable price.

    Check out the Yahoo group at the link below.

    You'll find some great places to eat in Panama City.

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