What's the diff between station wagon, SUV, sport wagon, & Crossover?

My father and I were debating about the differences between these automobiles. My dad said that station wagons back in the day are what SUVs are now ( which I don't believe because SUVs were here with station wagons *suburban*) A Crossover is a car based SUV or wagon ( that's confusing) and a sport wagon is a regular sedan with a top on it really!!!! Our questions came down to which saved more gas? the station wagon SUV or Sport wagon? Also why don't Americans buy sport or station wagons anymore? they save more gas than Crossovers and SUVs right? and isn't a sport wagon or station wagon more practical than and SUV as far as size? I mean you can fit a sport or station wagon anywhere a regular car can fit right? but where can an SUV fit? When I say SUV I mean Suburban, Sequoia, H3, Escalade BIG!!!!! can anyone give me the history on all three? ( station wagon, sport wagon, SUV, and Crossover) and What's the purpose of all of them???

best answer 10 points.. i would be pleased if you gave me precise detail! thank you!

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    an old station wagon is a full sized car based vehicle like a crown victoria, merc sable, etc....the grizwald vacation car. big sedan with no truck, hatchback sorta design

    SUV's are truck based. the suburban/tahoe is based off a silverado, the expedition is based off the f150, durango/dakota, excursion/f250, sequoia/tundra...etc

    a crossover is something like a ford freestyle, chrystler pacifica, chevy trailblazer, or something along those lines, where its not sure what it is....its part mini van, part unibody car, mid to fullsized maybe, and you cant quite call it an SUV because its part car part mini van, cant call it a mini van, because it has regular doors, cant call it a car because its bigger/taller, and wagon/suv shaped...so its just confused.

    a sport wagon is a car based wagon bodystyle, like a ford focus wagon, subaru wrx wagon, dodge magnum and things like that. they are wagon shaped in the back, but have a little more performance than normal. or the suspension is tuned in a little better than your typical crown vic ltd station wagon. i think they also throw the word "sport" on there to make it sound cooler as well. that way it seporates itself from the 1970's family car that is just not cool at all.....

    the wagon version/suv version of vehicles is very close in gas milage to its truck/car counterpart. ie the suburban with a 5.3 gets about the same gas as a silverado with a 5.3...the wrx and wrx wagon with the same motor get the same gas mileage too...but the ford focus wagon is gonna get better gas mileage than a v10 excursion...

    i hope this helps you guys settle your little dispute

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