2006 Cad STS- thinking of buying an 06 sts.?

First any general opinions on reliability and value?? Also notice a big difference in cost btw the V8 and the V6. worth the difference for the 8??


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  • C7S
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    1 decade ago
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    Cadillac and Buick are GM's most reliable brands.

    There was an article on the Yahoo homepage under the featured news section last month that said Cadillac is the Most recommended brand by owners.

    They are very comfortable luxury cars.

    Getting a V8 is not worth it. These days, V6 powered cars are as powerful as the 1990's V8's. So they are powerful enough.

    And I think both engines require premium gas 91 octane or better, so you would want the V6.

    Resale value is not that great compared to competitors, but it is good for an American car.

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