Are there any SAFE online payday loan sites?

Im looking to get a small loan online however, im not currently employed ( laid off unfortunately) but do receive unemployment benefits each week Paying back the loan will NOT be an issue however I need a site that will loan me the money inspite of this. I know there are TONS out there but any solid ones that won't mind my situation? Thanks in advance!!


I know payday loans are a last resort, so please don't ask me if i could just borrow the money from a family or friend. If I could, I wouldent be posting this here.

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    I would recommend

    You could get up to $1500 in as little as one hour by applying for a quick cash loan. Furthermore, low fees, nothing to fax and bad credit ok are their pros

    Good luck :)


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    Safe Online Loan Sites From

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    Source(s): See this Safe Online Payday Loan Site - BESTCREDITREVIEW.COM
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    safe online payday loan sites

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    Loan shack is a safe online payday loan site.

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    7 years ago

    There are and if you really need one that badly, I'd visit:

    Hopefully you would try making a deal with the people you owe first. Taking out a payday loan can certainly be better than a garnishment or further damaged credit. Hope that helps.

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    7 years ago

    Click&loan ( ) is safe and proven. Their interest rates are not bad and they will give you up to $10k - i doubt there are other companies that will give you such money without even checking your credit score...

    Hope that helps!

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    7 years ago

    NextPaydayAdvance is great for me. I currently use this site. There are many choices which I like

    5 minute to complete 3 steps

    fast approve

    Bad credit is ok

    You can

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    Before you jump make sure You not only can but will pay that loan back. Check out the story that I linked and if you still want to find one.

    go here:

    and then if you are still sure

    go here:


    Whatever you do

    Don't ever

    Unless you will!

    Don't do anything unless you are willing to pay for your actions.

    Dam I sound like an old fart.

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    I got a loan last month from

    everything went smooth so i assume they are safe

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