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What is a great b-day present for an 11 year old girl?

Maybe something Hip or Electronic

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    You could stick with a theme...

    Manicure items...

    Cuticle cream, emery board, lotion, nail polish.

    Pedicure theme...

    Foot fizzies, heel file, lotion, polish, toe separators


    Itunes gift card w/ some funky earphones


    Earrings, necklace, bracelets

    Movie theme...

    Microwave popcorn, a box of movie candy, and a new DVD

    * Hoot





    *Kung Fu Panda

    *A Cinderella Story (also Another Cinderella Story)

    *High School Musical

    *Nancy Drew

    *The Sandlot

    *Sky Hight

    *Mamma Mia


    Get a cute bookmark and a reading light and a couple books in a new series...

    *Candy Apple Books (they are all by different authors, but in the same series...

    *Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    *Dear Dumb Diary

    *Princess Diaries (there are actually future books in the series)

    *The books "Eleven" "Twelve" and "Thirteen" (


    If she likes to try new sports, you could get a yoga dvd and mat, or a dance workout DVD w/ workout clothes.

    In general, 11 year olds are into Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Harry Potter, Twilight, Camp Rock, High School Musical, ...

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    What is she into?? If shes into music and has an iPod, get her a gift card for iTunes. If she loves computer games buy her a computer game that she would like. If you still don't know ask her mother.It all reflects who she is.

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    is she in to anything hannah montenna high school musical or anything?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ipod?nintendo dsi? camera? cell phone?

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