does getting your lip pierced hurt?

i mean i know its going to hurt but can i compare to something else

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    As someone with one and as a professional piercer who does them, you should expect nothing but professionalism and safety from the piercer.

    You will go into the shop and you should be quickly greeted in a friendly fashion, they will check your ID and you will fill out a form. Once you tell them what you would like pierced they should have a separate, closed off room that the piercing will be done in. When you are there, look around: Is it clean, neat and tidy? Because it should be. Any signs of blood, dirt, or anything unusual you can question this or leave.

    Once you are seated and as comfortable as possible, you will have your lip cleaned and wiped down to remove make up and oils. Then you will rinse the inside of your mouth with a mouthwash they give you (While this goes on, they will explain the general procedure and give you a break down of what's going on) You should be allowed to mark a spot on your lip where you would like the piercing. You should watch the piercer to make sure they change gloves when needed and be sure they show you all equipment and jewelry in its clean and sterile unopened packaging before they get started.

    So with the dot on your lip, they will place a clamp on the area and as they go along, they will explain what they are doing and you are welcome to ask any questions you have while they do it. The piercer will also look for large veins and take care in not hitting them. The piercing is done form the inside out in most cases. Once the clamp is in place, the piercer will ask you to take a deep breath in and on the exhale, then they pierce. Closing your eyes often makes it easier. Generally, you will feel a sting and most people's eyes will water a bit. Most piercer will pierce from the inside of the nostril out. Once the needle is in, you can open your eyes and they will insert the jewelry (jewelry is commonly a 14g CBR or a labret stud, depending on exact location/placement of the piercing). During this part, most people feel a slight tingle or sting, but this is nothing overly bad. Keep in mind everyone feels pain different, I didn't think it hurt that bad, but just remember it'll be over with in seconds.

    Once the piercing is done, they will clean up and give you aftercare instructions and they should also provide you with an aftercare sheet. During this time, as with through out the whole procedure, they should ask you if you have any questions, if you do speak up. If you have questions or concerns once you leave, be sure to call or visit them in person. When you are done, you pay them, thank them and be sure to tip.

    Keep in mind, the area will be sore the next few days and the surrounding tissue may feel hard, this is normal and will subside in about a week. You will need to take care with eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. Most of the pain comes from the general soreness afterward and from infections, so be sure to take good care of the piercing. The piercing will take 3-6 months to fully heal.

    After care is as follows; twice daily wash the outside with warm water and antibacterial soap (liquid gold Dial is best). While you are washing the area use a clean but wet q-tip to remove any crust. Once you are done, pat the area dry with disposable paper towel. After that, get a cup of warm water and mix in non-iodized sea salt so the mixture tastes like tears (you can get the sea salt and most organic and whole food stores). Then use a shot glass or a saturated cotton ball to soak the area fully for 10-15 minutes. You can also use this on the inside though I'm sure you can image what it'll taste like. Do this two or three times daily. The soap will keep the area generally clean, the sea salt with reduce swelling, puss and soreness and cleans in a gentle way. For the inside of the mouth, start using a clean tooth brush immediately and after drinking and eating, rinse your mouth well with Biotene. Biotene is best because it is alcohol and saccharin free (both of those things will make healing painful and harder to do)

    I hope that covers everything...I wish you luck and until you get it done, let me know if you have other questions I can answer for you.

    Source(s): I've pierced before. Like done the job.
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    Hmm.. Try pinching your lip as hard as you can (that'll tell if it'll hurt or not). I've got 2 bottom lip piercings and once pinched it before I could get it. It didn't hurt, it just felt like a pinch! It's mostly depending on your nerve really, I've been thinking to get a nose piercing and I've pinched my nose so hard it turned purple so yeah.. Just pinch it to see if it will hurt or not!! Hope this helped :3

  • Yeah, where I went it was clean, they took the stuff out of new packages, they did not provide me with the salt spray, they did not give me a lay out of what was going to happen, I did not get a information sheet on the piercing. I was told I could buy the spray other places since they did not have it. I was also told to get alcohol free mouth wash and to top it off, the guy told me the piercing was 10$ so I gave him a 20 dollar bill and he did not give me change back, I had to ask for it back.

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    no, wen they pierced it all i felt was a pinch and then it was done. It was kinda hard to chew cuz it was in the way but then i got used to it. It swells a little but if u take good care of it it heals faster. But i didnt find the pain too painful lol if that makes sense.

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    Hey. I got my lip done and my belly button done. and i am affraid to tell you this but my lip was really sore. what they do its just like taking a stapler to your lip. Also my lip was purple for a few days and my auntie suggested to get zinc tablets for healing the wound as a piercing is an open wound. but you will have your regular check up after you get it done, and please remember to keep sterilising it but keep it clean.. hope this helps and good luck !!! (:

  • pinch your lip hard.

    thats what its going to feel like. but only for a second. nothing unbearable.

    it might hurt a little bit after a few hours though and swell up for a few days, but in that case ibrophan is your best friend.

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    there is like a second of pain when the needle went through and then after that it didnt hurt at all just a bit of swelling for a bit then ur fine

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    i have my lip pierced and it did not hurt it pinches but not more..

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