Does anyone out there own a Harley Davidson V-rod?

I test rode a V-rod last Monday and it was awesome. Before i go ahead and buy it, can any owners out there tell me if they are happy with the bike or not? Any responses would be appreciated :o)

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    Its a great bike you will like it the earlier models have frame issues but the laters not so much, also as far a service all harley models require service as for valve adjustment its actually at 15000 miles so thats really not so bad considering you could alway have been the poor owner of a 1200 goldwing that required you to pull the engine to change either the clutch OR the alternator....or the owner of an iron head sportster that required you to pull the motor to change an oil pump gasket, or an earlier Kawasaki vulcan owner with a 4 speed transmission....long story short if your looking for a perfect bike it does not exist, what does exist is a well taken care of motorcycle that gets its proper servicing, so if you like it see if you can afford to maintain it then just do it....hope this helps...enjoy

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    Things the Harley people probably forgot to tell you. The engine was designed by a german company-great power plant, lots of power and fun etc. The frame was designed by the same geniuses that give us the crappy sportsters. What that adds up to is that the engine has to be pulled every 6000 or so miles in order to adjust the valves on the bike. Seems the H-D engineers decided to forgo customer convience in order for the bike to be given a little "low and mean" look. Either that or they figured that most Vrods were gonna be used as toys and would never get more than 5 or 6 thousand miles on em. You will see a lot of VRODs up for sale when it comes near time to do the valve adjustment because the owners do not want to spend the big bucks needed to do what should be a simple proceedure.

    Either way, the bikes are probably the best engineered engine that Harley sells, it is just a shame they can't redesign the frame to alleviate this major expense for the owner.

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    What in the heck is the previous answer supposed to mean???

    I don't won a V-Rod, but I've ridden my friend's. After riding Jap bikes for many years, I can say the V-Rod has a rock solid frame and takes corners with no flexing or wallowing. The engine may not be at the V-Max power level, bit is still more than adequate for most uses. The engine has good low end torque, revs easily and willingly and just plain "feels right". However, I'm not real fond of the far forward footpegs which limit shifting weight and makes cornering more of a chore than the bike is capable of. Great bike that I'd buy in a heartbeat for fun riding (but not long haul touring).

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    I have ridden one and my buddy owns one. very reliable, best engineering Harley has ever done. His has an upgraded exaust..I was glad to see that new engineering did not equal "feeling like a jap bike". water cooled and fuel injected..and I have never even heard of one having a problem. only drawback is that it is opposite of retro/nostalgic...and that is what I am into.

    so above jancie is like a 60 year old woman motorcycle mechanic? every bike needs a valve adjustment from time to time..everyone..are you sure there is not another way to get those rocker arm covers off? take the engine out? really?

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    Take a look at the link I provided and read up on the different reviews for the v-rod. Some are good, some not so good. At least you'll know a little more about what your buying. Good luck.

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    sorry i can't say how good or bad they are but i have passed a few on a long straight !

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