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my cat is bleeding im not sure if shes pregnant or not i dont have money to take her to the vet what is wrong?

how can i tell if shes pregnant shes a indoor cat but got out a couple times shes my little girl but im already behind in bills i cant afford to take her to a vet or i would i made her a bed in case she is pregnant but has anyone went threw this before???

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    This is a true case of neglect, I must tell you. If she is your "little girl" and you love her dearly, your refusal to seek other means to find the money to have her examined by a professional veteriarian makes me wonder about priorities.

    Most of us are affected by this rotten economy. Most of us, if we have a cat that is apparently ill, we find a way to get our cats to a vet. There are payment plans that can be worked out with many vets and there are programs to assist with vet bills easily found on the Internet if one takes the time to look.

    One of them is carecredit.com


    If she is, in fact pregnant, you would know it. She would be showing signs of pregnancy. Her body will be filled out, and you would be able to feel kittens moving inside her, if she is carrying kittens in a healthy manner. If she is pregnant, and is bleeding, she could be having major medical problems which need attention to save her life.



    Just making a bed for her and assuming that all will work out is neglectful for your beloved pet under any financial circumstances if you are concerned about the bleeding. Get your cat to the vet immediately and work something out with your vet to pay for the care, any way you can. She may be aborting and will need care, if, in fact she is pregnant.


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    It doesn't matter if she's pregnant or not. Bleeding is always a serious problem that requires a vet's attention. Please do whatever is necessary to have your cat treated by a vet. You can ask your local shelter about low cost options. You can arrange to make payments with your vet. You can apply for carecredit. You can cancel your internet or cable service and use that money to pay for her care. You have lots of options. Your little girl depends on you. Don't let her down.

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    I'm guessing she's bleeding from her "private areas". It could be coming out of her bottom, and bloody stools sometimes suggest that a change in diet has been made. Have you recently switched her food? If she's pregnant and bleeding already, i'm sure you'd be able to tell. I suggest just calling the vet, if you don't have money for vet bills, and asking for advice.

    That's the best I can do. I wish you and your cat luck.

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    This is just ridiculous people who can't afford proper vet care for there pets should not own pets simply stated. Take the cat to the vet now and make a payment arrangement somehow seriously.

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    Cats do NOT bleed noticeably when pregnant. Your cat is very sick, and not taking it to a vet is neglect. Please arrange to make payments with your vet, or call a shelter and arrange something, either a surrender or they may know of (or have on site) a low cost vet. Either way, you CANNOT let this go unaided, that's horrible. You should have had her spayed, its much cheaper than the vet bills you could be facing now.

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    Funny how you can afford the internet but can't afford to take your cat to the vet? Talk about being irresponsible. Surrender her to a shelter where she can get proper medical care and a home that can provide the necessities for her. Obviously YOU CAN'T.

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    well the only time i saw my cat bleed was after she gave birth. .

    she was walking out of the garage and i saw blood drops. . .

    has she been fighting?

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    i went through a lot with my catz but they only bleed after giving birth, what part is she bleeding from? you should check her whole body for injuries or bites

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    Maybe take her to the vet and cancel your internet!

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    What is wrong, is you need to get your priorities straight. That animal needs medical attention! Figure it out.

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