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"Real women have curves"?

Lots of people say "real women have curves". I am naturally skinny but at a healthy weight. This quote makes me lose confidence.

Do you need curves to be considered "feminine"?

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    Real women come in all shapes and sizes. Ignore the quote - be yourself - you are better off being thin anyway.

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    Well when a woman has curves, evolutionarily it has been a sign of high fecundity, which is something very desirable in a mate. It also shows that the woman has a certain amount of fat stores that will help them survive throught the winter and are not malnourished. Sure some of those things aren't so important now, but men's subconscious minds don't know that.

    You can act in a feminine manner and that would make you feminine. Physically a woman with curves may be considered more sexually desirable, but some men find waifs more attractive, so don't worry about it. If you are under 21 then you aren't even fully grown yet, and still will develop. If you're older, just because you don't fit the physical ideal, does not mean you are unfeminine or unattractive. Don't worry about it.

    Edit: yeah...Marilyn Monroe was soooo "fat." I never saw a Playboy spread titled, "The Women of Auschwitz." The only men that like the way anorexic "supermodels" look are the gay fashion designers that pushed that look on the public.

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    I feel like the heart of the matter is that there seems to be an ongoing effort to define what a "real woman" is based on the shape of her body. Aside from the fact that this is incredibly insulting to women at both ends of the size spectrum, it tells women that: 1) we don't celebrate diversity 2) we expect them to conform to some sort of preconceived notion about what the world/media/men find attractive 3) Worst of all, we only care what they look like. Personally I'm an American and have been fed up for a long time. I'm 30 and I remember being about 10 years old when this question about what is "average" for a woman's size started becoming a media issue. Seems like the consensus has always been that an average woman is between size 10 - 16. I don't have any opinion on those sizes, and I don't know who decided that it was average, but all I can say is that I know a lot of women munch bigger and much smaller. What all of this serves to do is make women resent each other for what they think the other is secretly saying/thinking about the others body. This is such a personal thing, why should we be worried that our very DNA is offending someone? Or, why should they have to endure people believing that something is "wrong" with them. Plus people look at you sideways when you gain or lose weight. Speaking from personal experience, I lost about 40 lbs in the last three years, went from a size 10 to size 4. I'm a healthy weight for my height and am at a healthy BMI. I'm not underweight or overweight medically. However, I've received nothing but "concern" about me new smaller body. I was even told that I "just don't look like myself". As if anyone else can tell me what I'm supposed to look like. Like I'm supposed to have 30 or 40 lbs of extra fat to be normal. I don't want to be told what I'm supposed to look like and I don't know any other woman who does.

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    No, there are some really feminine girls out there who don't have curves, and having curves does not necessarily make you feminine either. Pretty much no one would call me a feminine girl (I'm a female-to-male transsexual, but I just started hormones so I don't always pass).

    And curves does not mean you're fat! Curves just has to do with the waist/hip ratio and the size of your breasts. Even when I was 110 lbs my waist/hip ratio was about 0.6... waist was 20 inch, hips 33 inch (okay, and a AAA cup size, lol).

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    Not really.

    Fellow woman, this quote came to be to counter the mentality that all women need to look like runway models...who are very tall and very thin.

    You need to develop confidence in yourself, in much the same way that larger women have to...

    Don't let your strength or love for yourself come from ANYTHING outside your own beliefs and thoughts....unless it is a deity, like Jehovah.

    You are a woman. It will always be something....In the early 1900s, curvy/busty women were in fashion....they had to suffer when in the 1920s thinner, tinier women came into vogue...and so it has been, back and forth with body types and hairstyles.

    Don't let your body confidence be based on sayings, men, or what is on billboards or magazines.

    Source(s): Each beauty is its own type. Proust
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    Not really..

    Women come in all shapes and sizes.

    This quote came to have meaning because of the obsession with being skinny. Alot women started to think you couldnt be attracted unless you are skinny, this is far from the truth.

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    No. Many women have curves because the docters surgically implanted them.

    A real woman has the body she is born with, keeps it healthy and is proud of it.

    I'm naturally thin and athletic and thank god I don't have to lug around two useless jugs on my chest all day. My husband loves his real woman too!

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    It is simply a part of the fat acceptance attitude that is supposed to take the pressure off women feeling they HAVE to be skinny.

    I do not see fat or thin women as particularly feminine - it is about the way a woman presents herself more.

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    This makes me laugh!

    When I was younger I had next to no boobs, skinny as and short hair, to my horror I was often called wee man, plus my brothers used to call me fried eggs...Catch my

    I am still a bit on the thin side, but it's your personality that counts hun, not the junk in your trunk! Be happy your A*rse isn't blocking out the sun and your boobs don't give you black eyes running for the bus.

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    Real woman have confidence no matter what their shape or size.

    If you allow a quote to cause you a loss of confidence you need to work on your insides more than your outsides, dear.

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    Curvy women can be skinny or fat...and a person can be boxy shaped wether thin or large.

    "Curves" do not definite being feminine. There's more to it than that.

    All women are "real women" unless they were a man who got gender re-assignment surgery.

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