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How old do you have to be to book a flight and hotel room to somewhere out of the country?

im 17.. i want to go to either spain, ibiza or tenerife

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    You won't get into a Hotel at 17...

    18+ for a credit card - so you can get into debt if you trash the room !! [and your legally an adult]

    but booking a flight, as long as you have a debit card then your o.k

    most airlines have an age limit of 13-16 to fly alone

    p.d Tenerife and ibiza are IN Spain...

    But what you can do... if find a nice friend who is 18+ and take them with you.

    but the 18 year old will have to check-in and they usually take your passport

    --- why the thumbs down ???

    You can fly but you can't book a hotel.,..

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    it could rely on the country. reserving the flight isn't a topic, yet getting a visa to the place ever you're going will in all hazard require a guardians signature. reserving a inn will desire a mastercard, as nicely that some hotels do have problems accepting underage shoppers who're there with out person supervision. when I return and forth I in many situations only circulate to backpackers, i'm optimistic maximum of them might enable you to reside, you will possibly be able to might desire to call forward and verify nonetheless. you will might desire to pay in money maximum places you circulate. Your holiday spot might make a distinction besides, the place are you making plans on going? Is it with out your mothers and fathers consent or did you only not want to contain them? additionally, in case you have not got a passport you will possibly might desire to get them to sign the acclaim for that.

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    here in spain people usually will ask for some kind of identification... and i dont think you're allowed to book a hotel room by yourself when you're under 18... but the flight yes. :D

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    All you need is a credit card..use your debit card with the visa/mastercard symbol on it. Have fun

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