Iphone 3g emergency calls only after updating to the official 3.0 software from apple?

Ok, so i was on a iphone 3g jailbroken 2.2.1. The new iphone 3.0os update came out 6/17/09, i click check for updates, and it said there is a new update for the iphone. Downloaded it, and installed. Phone rebooted, it still had some jailbreak stuff on it like:

1) instead of saying at&t at the top it said my name

2) There were still apps in folders, but the folders would show up

3) still cracked apps on

So i clicked restore, it restored to the 3.0 firmware, and rebooted,

then it said slide for emergency call.... and thats it !!! nothing else, couldn't connect to itunes.

So i put it into recovery mode, did a shift restore into 3.0..... same thing

Shift restore into 2.2.1 nothing ....

Again a restore 3.0

Just kept only having the emergency call....

So at the moment it is on emergency call only....


1) Call apple...

2) Turn it off and on

3) Try turning off your computer...

4) try restoring to another firmware

I want a legit answer, if you don't know what to do please don't answer

UPDATE: I don't have any idea what i did, but all of a sudden it went straight from being on the emergency call to having the regualar screen.



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    You should have waited until Friday when the iPhone Dev Team was to have released their iPhone 3G unlock software via Cydia called ultrasn0w. Before that you would have needed the jailbreak tools QuickPwn (for Windows) & PwnageTool (for Mac).

    You didn't & that's the expected result.

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    I agree with the 2nd person who answered. The only real reason to upgrade to the 3g iphone is because of the 3g speeds. But then again, I get my quicker wi-fi speeds because I have a wireless router in my house. Gps--not a problem, the old iphone still has triangular positioning and celular towers to give u directions. The new headphone jack?----not a problem, u should just use the headphones that came with the iphone. So that leaves one thing left----The iphone 3G's color, which isn't a big deal. What's wrong with silver? Plus you'll get all the satisfying features from the new 2.0 software update which will be free from apple in about 3 weeks.

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    Do the 3.0 update again, but make sure to keep your iPhone plugged in, even past the emergency thing. At this point, the iPhone is registering with Apple, if it cannot register, it'll stay locked up. The registering process can take a few minutes (took mine 2 minutes).

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    Ah, I have gotten this one before. Really simple answer. All you have to do is:

    1: Hold Power/Sleep and Home for 15 Seconds

    2: Release Power and hold Home for 5 Seconds

    3: Update device via. iTunes

    4: Wait until it gets a signal.

    5: Your Done! Install your files!

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    Your phone didn't get the activation signal from iTunes. You should have wiped your phone clean before updating to 3.0 to prevent any weird bugs.

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    Hai gays....i have tow apple phone same problum pls help me pls.

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    try with QuickPwn (Windows) software using this just add the cydia software to ur mobile ur problem will solve if u have any doubt just check it here........

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