Im sure Im getting really irritating with all these questions im asking but can you please answer them? thanks?

First of all let me say that I do not have an attitude im just trying to learn. Im trying to get ready for the deer season and I appreciat everyone who has helped me thus far. so here is the question that I asked three hours ago. thank you for answering it.

Best position to shoot a deer from.?

Ok Im hunting in Florida so there is not any terrain really. the parts I will be hunting at dont have high grass except for the prairies but even then its not that high. Im not hunting from a tree stand. I will be on the ground. If I find a claimable tree that will give me a good shooting area I may take it but im scared I may have to stalk and will have probs getting out of tree quietly so its not my number 1 choice. As of now my number one goal for finding a good post is to find either a large wild oak or a big cypress tree, preferably a big Cyprus so I can kinda relax in between its roots but if the oak is all I get ill just do the same. If I cant find either I will just find a place with good cover and kinda lay/lean up against what ever I can find. I dont really want to stand for five hours but if its the best way I can do it, I think. I figure a successful shot will come from a good shooting post which should be comfortable. staying in one uncomfortable spot for five hours sounds like it may mess ones shot. any advice?

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keep in mind that most deer in Florida are shot at a twenty to fifty yards. maybe a little more or a little less but not much

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also Hogs.

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    I suggest you to get a leaf hunting suit which you can buy in good sporting stores like Academy,Bass pro & Cabelas then get this tripod stand with rear support (you have to buy this rear support or tag along separate) 16"-38" is good enough for sitting position at rolling prairies. It will cost you some but will get happy results for sure than installing a bipod on the rifle and check the videos on the another link too.Hope this helps.

    Tripod link :

    Watch the 4th box top right video as well as others too.

    Video link:

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    First off, thats an amazing answer by Wachoo. Secondly, as I stated in one of you'r other questions: "I hunt in Florida so I know what you mean it can get difficult at times my best advice is to either purchase a manufactured ground blind or make one of you'r own out of fallen tree branches and leaves ect. Being on the ground can cause more problems then just finding a place to shoot you should use some sort of scent cover or a scent-lock camo "suite" so that you'r scent won't spook the deer. The rest i'm sure you can figure out on you'rself all the deer attractants, calls, whatever you want to take with you and use.

    Hope you bag a 12 point,


    On a side note, Hog hunting is alot more difficult and fun then Deer hunting. Give it a try sometime, they are alot smarter then Deer so you need to really consider bringing a cover scent their sense of smell is amazing but their sense of hearing and sight is horrible.

    Source(s): Don't worry about being annoying when you think about it it's just another 2 points to add to our scores. Good luck with the hunting and bag a big one. Hunted in FL for 2 years now have taken 3 boar hogs: 230 pounder with a 12 guage shotgun using dogs, 180 pounder using a compound bow from a tree stand, and a 100 pounder using a knife with dogs.
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    You are frustrated, I understand, and although I've never been hunting, my heart goes out to you. So here's my thoughts on your questions:

    Standing for five hours is a bad idea. What are you a Navy Seal or something? You are going to be all shaky tired and wobbly by the time you get that deer in your sights, so you need to think of another plan. How about finding some little grassy knoll that you can lay behind and just barely peek your head up and over? That was my first thought. Then you can prop your gun up on something and relax. You could glue some of the grass around you onto your hat (so don't forget to bring some glue, I imagine you'll have to find a sticky substance with no disturbing scent, and perhaps you could find deer poop to do this!) and with grass-hat, your peeking over the knoll may not be so obvious to deer.

    Are deer so smart anyway? When they are in the street and I'm trying to drive somewhere, they just stand there confused, but I notice that if I aim the car right at them, and step on the gas, chasing them like a predator, THEN they bother to run away. I figure that if nothing chases them menacingly, they simply don't get it, and that's why so many deer get hit by cars. Maybe you could incorporate this strange connection into your hunting strategy too.

    In any case, I wish the best of luck to you, and I want you to know that the real men out there like you are the few remaining warriors we have left, willing to find their own food, take it down, clean it, eat it, and mount the head on the wall as a reminder of what real men actually do. Right on.

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    If you stand hunt for deer, you'll want to break up your outline and have a handy rest for your rifle by taking advantage of a tree. As I've gotten older, I joke that I have change my tactics to taking a nap at the base of a tree and wait for a big buck to wake me up.

    Hogs can be hunted the same way, but you'll probably find it more useful to still-hunt, walking the edges of canebrakes and such. It's called still-hunting because you aren't in a stand, but you still spend more time being still than actually moving.

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    Tree stand is the Best Spot, Death from above.* Practice the Prone, Sitting, Kneeling, and Off-hand shooting positions to be prepared and confident when the Deer presents a shot to you.*~~

    Source(s): * Run like a Deer.*.......................Fly like an Eagle.*~~
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    having great exp in stalking whitetail deer ,, this works for me in tn.,,,, i find a good feeding area ,, and bedding area,, i stand from daylight till about 9 am.. then slowly still hunt while using a grunt call,, in two ways first slight grunts about every 5-7 min,,, then i make a lot of noise as in two bucks fighting and call very agressivly.. have been very successful in both venues,,, good luck and give this a try it is um interactive hunting and lots of excitment so be ready to sqquesse that trigger ok thanks

    Source(s): exp
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