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Homosexuality in animals?

According to many of the psychological studies that have used animals, it is found that most creatures rely primarily on their sense of touch, taste, and smell. There has never been a study conducted to suggest that animals ( cats, dogs, etc) reason like human beings.In fact, it was Edward L. Thorndike that conducted a similar study on cats.

Question: What makes you believe that homosexuality is indeed in animals. Also, do you believe that the animal is aware that its actions are homosexual or heterosexual in nature?


Edward's study showed that a cat does not have the ability to reason like a human being. The study consisted of putting a cat into a box that could be opened by a simple gest of a string or a similar mechanism. The cat got out of the box several times, but each time by accident; it never figured out how the box opened. According to what I have read, it clarifies that an animal such as a cat in this instance, do not reason like human beings do. The books words are " they do not identify things like humans do.

This made me think about animal behavior when it comes to homosexual acts. Could there be something more to this behavior that we fail to see?

Update 2:

I think there is a reason for such behavior, like with the penguins. It is found that animals will act out new behaviors due to their environment and surroundings in order to survive or co-exist even. I apologize to everyone who is sensitive about this stuff, but I believe there is more to this behavior that meets the eye.

Update 3:

Penguins Adopting an egg after it was rejected by its biological parents. Could it be that these two male penguins when taking the role of the parents, took a role of a father and mother, and therefore act out these roles.

Update 4:

Because like I said, animals will change their behaviors based on circumstances related to their environment and surroundings. I'm not trying to make an argument, nor am I trying to prove something. I'm questioning these claims. I am currently taking a psychology course, and it has made me rethink my position on a lot of things. I'm sorry if it is a sensitive topic for you.

Update 5:

I'm not saying homosexuality is right or wrong.

Update 6:

"Scientists don't know the motive behind the homosexual tendencies of animals"

Why then would we say that animals are homosexual? What if we put the scent of a male penguin on a female penguin? Would the homosexual partner of the male penguin be attracted to the female?

Update 7:

Note: I am not saying any of the stuff I have said is true, they're my theories. Based on what I have learned from behaviorism.

Update 8:

A psychologist named Pavlov did a similar study with a dog and a bell. First he would ring a bell with a treat beside it to see how the dog would react After several times doing it. He found that by just ringing the bell without the treat beside it, the dog would salivate regardless.

What does this have to do with the penguins?

What if we put male pheromones on a female penguin. Do you think the homosexual penguin would be attracted to the female? If it was, that would indicate that the male penguin is attracted to the scent of the other male penguin. But, I do not know enough about penguins, maybe once they find a mate they stick with that mate. Some animals do that.

Update 9:

Would the reactions be the same or different is where I'm getting at with that story.

Update 10:

"What does this have to do with the penguins?" was a transition into ano9ther paragraph, it was not a question.

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    I believe that homosexuality is within animals, there have been documentaries about it and also in the news recently, that clip about the gay penguins who have "adopted" a fertalised egg:

    Interesting point, the question about if they are aware of the homosexual actions... To be honest I'm not sure if they are... It would make sense that they are as we can obviously look at a bloke and instantly (most times ;-)) identify that person as male. I'm sure animals must be the same way...

    Good question though, take a star.



    Hamper: You kicked your dog? How about I kick you in the face next time you do something wrong? You don't deserve pets. SCUM!!!


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    Because it's been extensively studied and has been shown in over 1,500 species beyond humans. Scientists don't know the motive behind the homosexual tendencies of animals, but it shows homosexuality exists in all walks of life. Animals are probably not aware of their nature whether it be homosexual or heterosexual because they don't put those types of labels on the things they do, more than likely. They don't reason the way humans do.

    EDIT: Read some books on homosexuality and animals and look up the definition of homosexuality if you don't know why they would call the actions of an animal homosexual... its clear you may not understand what the word homosexual means.

    "What does this have to do with penguins?" Last I checked a penguin is an animal, which is what your question was about. In the instance most people are talking about with regard to the two gay penguins adopting a child, scientists attempted in every way to get the penguins to not be interested in each other, but it didn't work, which shows they were in fact gay. As others have stated penguins are known for their monogamy.

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    I know that homosexuality occurs in animals other than humans because there is physical proof. Penguins are the most well-known animals to develop same-sex relationships, especially because they mate for life. Bears, dogs, dolphins, and a great number of other animals practice same-sex intercourse, mammals in particular.

    What makes homosexuality wrong? It is a matter of culture, not because it's against nature. Humans have been practicing same-sex relationships for thousands of years. The men of ancient Greece often sought the sexual company of young boys, and Japan once believed the romantic relationship between two men to be the purest for of love. It is the Western part of the world that, due to it's political and military power, pushed this belief of "homosexuality is wrong" upon the rest of the world.

    The difference between humans and animals is that we have a profound sense of self that animals do not possess, as well as an awareness of the universe. A parrot does not look at the sky and wonder what the stars are made of. An animal's sense of "danger" and "safe" is what can be likened to humans' ideas of "wrong" and "right."

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    Well I have two dogs, females. And they aren't normally around males. When they are around each other they sniff upon each other in their 'private spots'..and once my dog tried to get on the other..if you know what I mean. Well, I don't know if this deals with them not being around males..or if they are homosexual. It sounds silly to me to say that..but I do wonder, and so do my friends. Animals are very smart, but I am no expert on animals, just a proud owner. That's a good question, I'll look more into that.

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    I've personally seen homosexual behaviour in penguins. Speaking of penguins I saw an article somewhere recently about a pair of captive male penguins who successfully incubated an egg together. There are countless recorded observations in other taxa.

    Aware? No, not really. Animal behaviour is for the most part instinctual.

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    Animals ARE NOT homosexual in the sense that humans are. To think so is asinine!! Some animals may hump the same sex but that is NOT because they are gay but because they are animals and will hump anything...a dog, a cat, your leg, a pillow, its bed, etc. etc.

    They hump b/c they are horney not b/c they have an unnatual atraction.

    and the whole penguin thing.... DUH, male penguins usually DO take care of the egg!! this whole pinguin thing as just gay propoganda. it is nothing special or GAY! its survival and protection of the egg.

    "By the time the egg hatches, the male will have fasted for around 115 days since arriving at the colony. To survive the cold and winds of up to 200 km/h (120 mph), the males huddle together, taking turns in the middle of the huddle. They have also been observed with their backs to the wind to conserve body heat. In the four months of travel, courtship, and incubation, the male may lose as much as 20 kg from around 38 kg to just 18 kg

    Hatching may take as long as two or three days to complete, as the shell of the egg is thick. Newly hatched chicks are semi-altricial, covered with only a thin layer of down and entirely dependent on their parents for food and warmth. If the chick hatches before the mother's return, the father feeds it a curd-like substance composed of 59% protein and 28% lipid, which is produced by a gland in his esophagus.The young chick is brooded in what is called the guard phase, spending time balanced on its parent's feet and sheltered in the brood pouch.

    The female penguin returns at any time from hatching to ten days afterwards, from mid-July to early August. She finds her mate among the hundreds of fathers by his vocal call and takes over caring for the chick, feeding it by regurgitating the food that she has stored in her stomach. The male then leaves to take his turn at sea, spending around 24 days there before returning"

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  • ?
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    As an animal does not have the same consciousness as humans, they would not be aware of their homosexuality on any intellectual level. Just as they are unaware of most everything else on an intellectual level. But this does not reinforce your point, in fact, at best, it's a moot point and at worst it weakens your argument severely to the point where you should have left that bit out altogether.

    Hundreds of species of animals have displaayed homosexual behaviour, from penguins to bonobos to elephants to dolphins to chickens to salmon...all observed multiple times, all across the spectrum.

    What is your essential argument? That an animal not conscious of its sexual behaviour is not homosexual? Bzzzzt. Untrue. It only feeds the very strong argument (in fact I'd say unassailable argument) that homosexuality is naturally occurring, not only in these species but also in humans.

    Source(s): You go look at some websites not corrupted by religious doctrine.
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    I think some groups can push the homosexual agenda and fabricate studies claiming that animals are homosexuals. Science unfortunately has been used by many to support some political views, so it wouldnt be nothing new to find suddenly studies proving homosexuality in animals...

    but yes u are right...animals have different skills and a different perception since they have a different body and a different brain in the first place.

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    Well I heard 2 male penguins adopted an egg because they were gay. I thought it was cute and them 2 will always be together because penguins stick with their mates forever, I think their even more loyal than we are :D?

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    it's already proven

    again and again proof has been shown

    when will you accept it?

    edit: Dhikr has produced the normal homophobic claims and lies

    Nature Boy - there are pairs for life plus humans are still part of the animal world - only bigots whine about irrelevancies like rape and murder

    edit2: they we're male penguins

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