Where can an Indian national travel on holiday without requiring a visa.? I am currently based in uae?

Where can an Indian national travel on holiday without requiring a visa.?

I am indian national residing in uae with valid residence visa.

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    Indian citizen may travel visa-free to Bhutan (2 weeks); Haiti (3 months); Hong Kong (14 days); Jamaica (14 days); Macau (30 days); Mauritius (15 days), Nepal (free travel); Seychelles (1 month); Sri Lanka (30 days).

    Indian citizen may obtain visa on arrival in Cambodia, Indonesia, Iran, Maldives, Thailand, Timor Leste.

    http://skyteam.com/about/travelhelp/travelinfo.htm... ..

    Just fill in the blanks on the above resource provided and enter destination Singapore; you will see that the UAE residency will not excempt Indian citizens from getting a visa for Singapore!

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    You will get a visa on arrival in Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka with an Indian Passport. You may also get a visa on arrival in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman if your designation is Engineer or Manager on the UAE visa.

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    Boss, you need a Visa to travel everywhere. this is plain common sense, unless you are going back to India.

    Visa on-arrival is available in some GCC countries depending on what kind of a Visa you have. This can be researched through consular websites.

    singapore also offers a Visa-on Arrival for dubai residents of any nationality

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    Nowhere since each country has a visa system in place. Since your in the UK with Indian passport you can only stay in the UK. If on the other hand you had a UK passport you can travel in all EU countries with out a visa.

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