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辦理親屬移民美國09年4月已收到N V C一信要求辦理良民證和郵遞出身證明等文件... 在4月27日已辦良民證而美國律師已將本人資料在5月12日寄出N V C . 

1.知道在美律師會收到N V C 寄出的一份通知說明本人資料已寄回香港美領.但到現時美律師還未收到有關通知.不知在港的我可以怎樣做呢?及在哪裡獲得查詢?


3.不知是否趕及倆名子女9月在美入讀中學呢?不然的話要否在港繼續中學課程?或是在今暑假後就停學等待簽VISA呢?等多久呢? 很是煩惱.請幫忙.


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    hi, try to answer you a little.

    1. yes, now you can only stay home and watch the mail box and WAIT. even you ask the US embassy and NVC, nobody can give you answer.

    2. how long? the US offical has so many cases, the mailing will stocked in a month, then when someone review your file and send you the letter is another month.... thing just like that. so you may get informed in 45 to 60 days.

    3. it is not a problem for your children enroll to high school. the high school in USA will take student in any time when they apply.

    the year / grade in US high school is not as important as in HK. they system they use is basic at how many credit ( 54 credits / courses ) the student had accomplised for gradulate guard line. so student can be gradulated on Feb or on June.

    when i enroll my high school it was on March, 19xx. so don't worry about school. and please give your children a break...

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    1.知道在美律師會收到N V C 寄出的一份通知說明本人資料已寄回香港美領.但到現時美律師還未收到有關通知.不知在港的我可以怎樣做呢?及在哪裡獲得查詢?

    You can only wait, you can try contact National Visa Center but they will kindly shut you down.....

    When you got notice, you got notice, i know, this sound bad, but you need to wait....


    Actually, you will meet with Consulate official within 30 days after your CNCC granted (CNCC have a validation period of 30 days or 1 months)

    Within that time limit, the consullor must notify you his/her decision


    I think your children cannot make this school term, even without adjustment program. U usually need to enrol your child before July, see that you have not get any notice from embassy, estimate your visa will come out within 2 months, you will definitely miss the current school year.

    You also need to consider your child may need toenrol into some adjustment program such as english program before you can enrol into normal school

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    Forgot to tell you, US High School have 3 term Septermber Intake, Mrach intake and Summer intake. And i assume you child don't want to be mid-term transfer student.

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