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openoffice Calc之中if函數的使用層數

在openoffice Calc中使用if這個函數,在同一個公式中,有沒有使用次數的限制?若有的話最多可以幾層?


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    在OpenOffice 的討論區有提到您所提到的限制, 限制有兩個

    1.IF()的巢狀層數限制為 40 階.

    2.公式字元最多 1023 個字



    OOo limits....

    IF() nesting to 40 levels deep.

    formula in a cell can be up to 1023 characters.

    If you could write a 41 level deep IF() in less than 1023 characters,it would fail with Err514, which (logically by deduction) means thatyou have exceeded the 40 nesting limit.

    If you can write a 40 (or less) level deep IF() that exceeds 1023characters in the cell formula, then it will fail with Err512, which(logically by deduction) means that the formula has invalid syntax.Probably because you could not fit in all of the required closingright-parenthesis.

    There are two different limits. You must not exceed either one. Atrow 40, the first limit is exceeded giving Err514. At row 57 the otherlimit is exceeded giving Err512, and so we don't get far enough to eventry to evaluate the formula.

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